Fans Outraged: Live-Action ‘Little Mermaid’ To Have Blonde Hair Instead Of Red, Film To Be Based On Hans Christian Anderson Version

Over the past few years, Disney has started the process of remaking its classic animated movies into live-action movies. While most have remained true to the original feel and depth, an announcement about the Little Mermaid live-action film has outraged many fans. Some have even stated that they will not view it in the theaters.

Chloe Moretz, of the Kick Ass franchise, was chosen to be Ariel in the live-action Little Mermaid movie. However, she has been denied a crucial aspect of Ariel’s overall appearance: her red hair.

It may sound like such a silly thing to be upset over. However, Ariel’s red hair has become part of what makes her a Disney icon. The hair debacle was not revealed by Disney. Instead, Moretz revealed the hair color change, according to Metro. She was asked if she would have the vibrant red hair for the movie, instead of her blonde locks.

“No – I want red hair!”

Despite her displeasure in keeping her blonde hair for the role, there is a reason behind it. Moretz explained that rather than taking the story directly from Disney’s adaptation of The Little Mermaid, they decided to go a more classic route.

“We’re going over the Hans Christian Andersen novels, so I’ll actually have blonde hair.”

To be fair, the live-action version of The Little Mermaid is not a Disney remake. However, Ariel’s red hair from the Disney version has become as much a part of our world as it has Ariel’s. It seems that the hair color change will not be the only difference from the Disney version. If the story follows Hans Christian Anderson’s version, as it claims, Ariel will lose more than just her voice. In the original story, Ariel lost her tail, as in the Disney version. However, each step she took resulted in intense pain that was nearly crippling, according to Movie Pilot. Not only is she practically tortured with each step on her human legs, the ending is not as happy as one would suspect. Instead, it is as sad as the ending to Old Yeller.

Regardless of the inspiration for the live-action film, Little Mermaid fans are outraged by the decision to make Ariel’s hair blonde. Longtime fan Ashley Way understands that this will not be a Disney tale, but thinks the red hair is an inspiration to redheads everywhere.

“Personally, I think it kind of sucks. As a ginger, I was always partial to Ariel because she was the only red-haired Disney princess until Brave just a couple years ago.”

Stephanie Marie shared that she doesn’t care who Ariel is based on in the film, she won’t be watching it.

“I will not be watching the new little mermaid movie…Ariel is a redhead not a blonde.”

A person by the screen name Carebear doesn’t think that it would be a Little Mermaid film without the red hair.

“What’s the point of making the little mermaid movie if her hair won’t be red?”

However, some fans are okay with the change. They realize that not only was the red hair a Disney creation, but the name Ariel is not even the mermaid’s real name. In the original story, she didn’t even have a name. It is assumed that the mermaid in the live action version will be named Ariel, but that has not been officially confirmed. Kait Gunderson shared her knowledge of the original story versus the Disney adaptation, hoping to educate those who are upset.

“I really wish people would quit whining about Ariel’s hair. It’s not Ariel! Ariel is a creation of Disney, who decided she would have red hair. Hans Christian Andersen’s story is about a blonde mermaid who doesn’t even have a name. Universal is making a film that’s more closely based on Andersen’s original story. It’s not going to be exactly the same as the one you grew up with! GET OVER IT.”

What are your thoughts?

[Image via CherryBerry/Shutterstock]