Best Buy Is Offering The Apple Watch For $100 Less, But Should You Buy It?

If you’ve been holding off on buying the Apple Watch, now you’re in luck. That’s because Best Buy is offering a $100 discount on the first smartwatch that stole the spotlight at the Apple Live Event back in September.

The retail chain is offering $100 off all Apple Watch models. That means you can purchase the cheapest model — the 38 millimeter Sport watch — for only $249. Target is competing Best Buy with a similar promotion, but instead of getting the $100 discount, you’ll receive a $100 Target gift card. So, not only do you have to dish out $100 more, but you also have to really love Target if you want the gift card.

But is Best Buy’s Apple Watch deal really worth it? Sure, the discount comes at good timing with the holiday rush. There are only two weeks left until Christmas is here. It also makes perfect sense to buy the discounted Apple Watch, since the second edition will come as soon as March, according to 9to5Mac reporter Marc Gurman. The new edition will come packed with even more features, such as a camera and video chatting, and it will have standalone features that won’t require pairing with an iPhone.

Apple Watch

The reason why this promotion is such a big deal is because Apple is not usually willing to give discounts on its new gadgets so soon, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter told Fortune.

“Apple is pretty strict on discounting. It suggests that either Best Buy’s taking all of the discount and is willing to forgo future supply of Apple Watches, or that Apple is participating in the discount, and the new model is coming.”

So, how long will Best Buy’s Apple Watch discount last? In a statement released to Fortune, Best Buy spokesperson Carly Charlson said that the Apple Watch promotion is “good through Christmas.” Meanwhile, Trip Chowdhry, Apple analyst and managing director at Global Equities Research, says that the discount is Best Buy’s way of “trying to get more customers in-store,” and is not an indication of a second-generation model.

If you’re still not interested in buying the Apple Watch, then you might want to take note of these other great deals taking place at Best Buy. Google lovers may love this news. The Nexus 5X is back on sale, if you’re on the market for a new smartphone. After receiving a price break on Black Friday, the Google Store has offered a $50 discount on the 16GB model, down to $329, and the 32GB model down to $379. Both Amazon and Best Buy have reduced their inventory, as well.

Google Nexus 5X
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Are you shopping at Best Buy during the holiday rush? If so, what promotions are you taking advantage of? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Pablo Cuadra/Getty Images for Apple]