‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: What Comes Next For Jason And Elizabeth As The Truth Is Finally Revealed?

General Hospital spoilers have teased that this week is a key one for viewers anxious to see the truth come out regarding Jason Morgan and the secrets his fiancée, Elizabeth, has been keeping about his identity. This storyline has taken about a year to make it to this point, and the time has finally come. Jason is learning that Liz has been lying to him for months, and the revelation will shake things up throughout Port Charles. What comes next for Jason and Liz?

As viewers have seen over the past few months, Liz fell in love with “Jake Doe” before realizing he was Jason Morgan, but she still hid the truth. Carly figured out that Jake was Jason, but Liz and those who knew her secret kept the rest of the details under wraps.


Now, Sam has figured out enough to shake things up and during Wednesday’s show, she convinced Jason that Liz knew much more than she had let on until now. General Hospital spoilers indicate that during Thursday’s show, Liz will crumble as she admits the truth and Jason is going to be severely shaken up by what he learns. Does that mean that Jason and Liz are going to be kaput?

Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante took over the head writer duties on General Hospital not long ago, and the scenes currently playing out are their work. The two chatted with ABC Soaps in Depth, and Celebrity Dirty Laundry dishes out some of the key details they shared. Passanante and Altman are teasing some General Hospital spoilers about where things head next for Jason and Liz, and fans will have a lot to think about with these tidbits.

Passanante teases that the Jason Morgan viewers will see going forward is a combination of Jake Doe, Jason Morgan, and Jason Quartermaine. As he grapples with the truth of being Jason, and Liz’s deception, he will have to face melding all three of these personas into one.

From the sounds of things, Billy Miller as the new Jason Morgan will be a new character in many ways, not quite being the Jake he was for nearly a year, but definitely not entirely being the Jason Morgan played by Steve Burton or the Jason Quartermaine from years’ past. This is no Luke Spencer storyline of separate personalities, though. Rather, Jason now has to accept who he is now, what his past is now that he knows, and determine who he fully is going forward.

Of course, fans want to know if Jason will stick with Elizabeth now that he knows she lied, whether he will go back to Sam, or whether he might stay entirely on his own for a while. ABC executive Nathan Varni teased via Twitter that Wednesday’s show would set the stage for two couples to face life-changing circumstances, and this clearly references Jason and Liz along with Sam and Patrick.

Given that, it definitely sounds as if “Team Liason” fans will want to brace themselves for heartbreak ahead. Elizabeth dug a very deep hole for herself here, and though Jason has stood by her side until now, this may be too much for them to overcome. On the “Team Samtrick” side, however, there are clearly rocky times ahead. Patrick has pushed Sam to admit she can’t commit to him, as she’s still hung up on Jason and she can’t exactly deny it.

It is known that Jason Thompson is leaving the role of Dr. Patrick Drake soon, and the actor is actually headed to The Young and the Restless. Does he simply leave Port Charles, perhaps reconnecting with Robin, as he realizes that Sam can’t let go of Jason?

Fans suspect that may be the case, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that “Team Jasam” fans should start celebrating. Writer Shelly Altman teased that while the Liz situation is complicated, she was in love with Jason when he was Jake, and there may be redemption for her ahead despite all the lies she told.

Will fans accept a pathway to redeeming Elizabeth for her deception regarding Jason? Just who will Jason Morgan be as he finds his way after all that has happened? Is Sam going to find herself all alone as Patrick bails and Jason holds back? Fans are quite curious to see where this all heads, and additional General Hospital spoilers on this front should be emerging soon.

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