‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Theresa & Philip Romance Brewing?

Days of Our Lives fans were thrilled when they heard that Philip Kiriakis was coming home to Salem, and now, with the arrival of Philip, played by actor John-Paul Lavoisier, it looks like some trouble will be stirred up.

Celeb Dirty Laundry reports that when John-Paul Lavoisier auditioned for the role of Philip Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives, he was asked to do a screen test with Jen Lilley, who plays Theresa Donovan on the show. Screen tests are usually done to see if two actors have chemistry together. Of course, everyone is now speculating that Philip and Theresa will be in many scenes together in the coming episodes. Could a romance be brewing for Philip and Theresa, and if so, what about Brady?

Currently on Days of Our Lives, Brady Black has just left his grandfather Victor Kiriakis’s home, money, and company behind and has given up everything to be with his baby mama, Theresa Donovan. Brady and Theresa have had a very rocky relationship, but their son, Tate, has brought them back together, but for how long?

Philip will arrive in town and challenge Brady in every way. Philip will take over Brady’s role at Titan and push his buttons like only Philip can do, but will he also move in on Brady’s lady, Theresa? If so, there will surely be a family feud between Brady Black and his uncle, Philip Kiriakis.

Philip’s return home to Salem also has Days of Our Lives fans speculating that he may reunite his old romance with Belle Black, who also only recently returned home. Belle revealed that she and her longtime love, Shawn Brady, were getting a divorce because she cheated on him while the couple were living in Maine with their now teenage daughter Claire.

Shawn came home to be with his family for awhile, and when his father Bo Brady died, Belle and Claire hopped on a plane to return home for the funeral. However, because of Belle and Shawn’s marital woes, Belle decided to stay in Salem with her family while Shawn left to go back to Maine. While Shawn will return with Brandon Beemer in the role in early 2016, Belle will be in Salem with Philip for weeks without her estranged husband there.

Days of Our Lives fans know that Belle and Philip share a very long history together. The couple were friends in high school along with Shawn, Chole Lane, and Mimi Lockhart. Belle and Shawn were high school sweethearts as were Philip and Chloe, who has a son with Dr. Daniel Jonas and was also married to Philip’s brother Lucas Horton. However, after high school, Brady and Chloe got married and later divorced. (This isn’t the first time that Brady and Philip have had the same taste in women. Philip was once married to Melanie Jonas, Brady’s ex-fiance.) However, Brady’s little sister, Belle, and Philip eventually grew close and got married.

When Belle got pregnant, she believed her daughter Claire was Philip’s, and when it was revealed that Shawn was actually Claire’s father, Philip was heartbroken. Will Philip reconnect with his ex-wife Belle Black or move in on another one of Brady’s women, Theresa Donovan? It should be a very dramatic holiday season for the Black/Kiriakis family as they have a lot of turmoil to sort through in the coming episodes.

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[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images]