WWE News: Ric Flair Accidentally Gives Wrestlemania Spoilers

In WWE news, Ric Flair accidentally gave out some Wrestlemania spoilers during his latest podcast interview show, according to Wrestling Inc.

Ric Flair accidentally gives Wrestlemania spoilers

Earlier in the year, Ric Flair decided to jump on the podcast bandwagon. After all, he had witnessed so many of his peers finding success just by talking about professional wrestling, something that he is still very passionate about. It's a nice way for wrestlers to make money on the side. Considering how much money Flair has lost in multiple divorces over the years, any additional income has to be greatly appreciated. There was some hesitation based on Ric having a propensity to say whatever is on his mind, however.

That inability to self moderate reared its ugly head once again for Ric Flair. After alienating people in the industry by revealing the condition of Nick Bockwinkel, who passed away in November, the Nature Boy is on the verge of upsetting people in WWE because he accidentally slipped and gave away some Wrestlemania spoilers. Flair stated that the front office planned on keeping the WWE Divas Championship on Charlotte until the big pay per view and have her defend it against either NXT Divas Champion Bayley or Sasha Banks.

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Naomi, Sasha Banks and Tamina Snuka [Photo by WWE]Ric Flair hurting Charlotte

WWE has been known to drop story lines if someone backstage leaks it out to the internet wrestling community before it happens. Reports surfaced that Kevin Owens was joining the League of Nations upon his return, and it looks like management held back from doing that on Monday Night Raw this week. The same thing could happen to Charlotte. Management might scrap her match at Wrestlemania and come up with something entirely different instead.

If WWE were to take this opportunity away from Charlotte, it would be horrible for all those involved. The WWE Divas Champion has worked hard to earn the chance to performer at Wrestlemania. It would also be quite horrible for Ric Flair as well. He is quite supportive of Charlotte and her quest to follow in his footsteps. Fans witnessed how hard he had to bite his lips during his podcast show recently when the topic of Reid Flair was brought up. Flair knew that he could not bash WWE for using his deceased son in a story line because it might cause backlash for Charlotte.

Bayley [Photo by WWE]WWE divas at Wrestlemania

It would be a great thing if WWE were to able to look past what Ric Flair did and continue on with their plans for Wrestlemania. Charlotte is a good performer and deserves the chance to show what she can do with a long title reign. Sasha Banks and Bayley are talented and have a strong connection with the audience. Putting either one of them over at the biggest wrestling pay per view of the year would be fitting. That would explain why WWE abruptly had Charlotte do a heel turn.

Ric Flair stated that WWE was choosing between Bayley and Sasha Banks. It appears that the latter would be the better choice at the moment. Sasha is already over with the WWE audience. Four months doesn't seem like enough time to promote Bayley to the main roster and build her up as a Wrestlemania worthy character. Management could already be getting the ball rolling with Banks. She was recently paired up with New Day, so management might be hoping that their popularity can rub off on her. It would make it that much easier to turn Sasha into a baby face.

Will this mistake by Ric Flair hurt Charlotte and her dreams of wrestling at Wrestlemania?

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