'Blood & Oil' Fate Uncertain, Cancellation Likely

Blood & Oil was supposed to be a ratings winner for the ABC network. Many assumed it would be similar to the network's mega-hit Revenge and a little bit similar to the primetime soap, Dallas. As it turns out, the ratings just haven't been there for the show to continue on. Shortly after it began airing, ABC decided to cut the series down to only 10 episodes. According to CarterMatt, the Blood & Oil season finale is Sunday, but it should be called the series finale. The future is looking grim for the show, and cancellation is incredibly likely at this point.

The cast of Blood & Oil is nothing short of star-studded. Don Johnson plays the oil tycoon Hap Briggs, while Chace Crawford plays the young man Billy who wants to break into the business so badly, there isn't anything he wouldn't do to make it happen. Social media seems to be following the show, but the actual ratings aren't reflecting that. While there has been no official confirmation from ABC on a cancellation, it looks like Blood & Oil is officially over after the "season finale" Sunday night.

When asked what went wrong with Blood & Oil, there are several answers depending on who you ask. Some believe it was an overload on characters, while others will say the story lines were too mundane. Billy and Cody's love story took a backseat so that fans could see Hap and his shenanigans in the oil business. His son, Wick, was also thrown in the face of the viewers, but his character wasn't particularly liked. As the season moved on, the ratings began to fall. While Don Johnson and Chace Crawford had their own fan bases, it wasn't enough to propel the show into instant ratings success.
Because the next episode of Blood & Oil is dubbed the season finale, there will likely be no closure to any of the story lines. As fans watch Billy and Cody drift apart, they want some resolution. Will Billy choose the oil and money over the love of his life? Last week, it appeared that is where it was headed, especially with the kiss he shared with Emma. With all of the happenings and only one hour to close everything up, there isn't enough time to conclude every storyline.

According to Gossip & Gab, Blood & Oil was going to attempt a pregnancy storyline with Jules. She revealed she was pregnant last week, and now, no one will ever know whether Hap or Wick fathered her child. Cody is back with Jules after seeing Billy kiss Emma. As things are falling apart, Blood & Oil could redeem itself with the ratings. Because the network opted to cut the full season order for the show, there wasn't much time to succeed. After 10 episodes, the fans who invested in Blood & Oil are sad to know the show is likely going to be canceled.

ABC hasn't had the best of luck in recent years with new fall shows. The network banked heavily on the success of Blood & Oil, and it didn't pan out. Without an official announcement, fans are left hanging in the balance. Do they watch the season finale and hope for the best, or do they cut their losses and act like Blood & Oil never existed? Predictions indicate that the official cancellation announcement will come after the new year, when the shows that were renewed return. Fans are saddened by the possibility of Blood & Oil's ending, but at this point there is very little hope left. A cancellation is devastating news, especially for something like Blood & Oil, which had potential to span several seasons if the writing was done properly.

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