‘Teen Mom OG’: What To Expect From The Second Season

Teen Mom OG is back for a second season in just under a month. It was announced yesterday that the show would return January 4, and a trailer for the show was released as well. While much of it is drama-filled, there are some moments that Teen Mom fans have been waiting on for quite some time. According to People, Teen Mom OG will be explosive this season, and it won’t be over what you think.

Farrah Abraham left the Teen Mom franchise for several years before returning last season for the new series, Teen Mom OG. She entered the show halfway through the season, and while she was welcomed back by most, her decision to return really affected Maci Bookout. However, it appears this season all of the women are on board with Abraham being a part of the show.

The new trailer shows Farrah Abraham going off on an executive producer for the show and saying some pretty harsh things. One thing in particular she said was that the show was “trashy,” and that is something that really had people talking on social media. Despite the outburst, Abraham remained filming and finished out the second season of Teen Mom OG.

Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra are going to show fans their wedding day. The entire planning process leading up to the actual ceremony will be shown, and it is something many are looking forward to seeing. Both Catelynn and Tyler made a selfless decision to give up their daughter Carly for adoption. They have remained together since appearing on 16 & Pregnant and finally walked down the aisle just a few months ago. Their story is one that many Teen Mom OG fans look forward to because even with the ups and downs, their love prevailed.


Maci Bookout will be addressing the want to be a wife, but she is not officially engaged. According to MTV News, the Teen Mom OG trailer shows her desire to be married and start a life with her live-in boyfriend, Taylor McKinney. The two have a little girl together, and Bookout wants to make sure she does things right this time. On Season 1 of Teen Mom OG, they discussed getting engaged when they found out they were expecting. It looks like this is going to be a sticking point this season for the couple.

Amber and Gary will be discussing custody issues with Leah. Amber Portwood has been reeling from choices she made that led her to serve time in prison. Now that she is back filming Teen Mom OG for another season, fans will notice a change in her. Last season, she was eager to begin co-parenting with Gary but wasn’t satisfied with what he was offering her. It looks like things get complicated on Teen Mom OG this season, and it may not be all due to Amber’s past. With Gary welcoming another child and living with another woman, will Leah need more time with her mommy?


This cast of Teen Mom OG is going to be facing new trials and tribulations this season. They are all older and looking to start their adult lives. With Catelynn and Tyler married, the other ladies are forced to look at where they are headed. Teen Mom OG has put together moments from life that many can relate to, especially those who have been in these positions before. The new season will begin airing just after the new year. Be prepared for plenty of drama and some incredibly tender moments, especially between Catelynn and Tyler as they begin their journey into forever. Teen Mom OG has plenty in store for fans, much more than they could pack into the trailer!

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