'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sam Reveals Elizabeth's Secret To Jason, Hayden Plays Nikolas, And Lulu Strategizes Against Dante

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday's episode tease that this is one episode that viewers will not want to miss. After months of build-up, it seems that Elizabeth's big secret may finally be revealed. She knew that "Jake Doe" was Jason Morgan for months, and it looks like Sam has backed her into a corner where she has no choice but to come clean. How will it all play out on the December 8 show?

As viewers saw on Monday, Sam confronted Elizabeth about this big secret. However, Liz could tell that Sam didn't actually have any proof and she didn't admit anything. Just as Liz was throwing Sam out of the house, Jason came home. General Hospital spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that Sam will try to break things down for Jason, as he wants to know what is going on between the two women this time.

While Sam seemingly tries to get the truth out in the open once and for all, she may not get far at this point. General Hospital spoiler previews show Jason screaming at Sam to get out. He has hit his breaking point, between Carly pushing him and Sam's accusations, and he throws her out of the house.

It would seem, however, that it doesn't take long for this to take another turn. General Hospital spoilers tease that Jason won't quite be able to let go of all that Sam said. She may not have had proof, but he will head out and soon, he reconnects with Sam.

Jason and Sam are said to have an intense talk, and it would seem that Jason will be left believing that indeed, Liz may have been lying. We Love Soaps shares that Sam will share shocking news with Jason, and it seems that she says enough to convince him that Liz hasn't been fully honest with him.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, there are sweet scenes ahead between Patrick and Emma. While Patrick knows that his relationship with Sam is in a delicate state, Emma is still hopeful that the two are getting married. General Hospital spoilers share that she will ask her dad about a wedding date, but she gets worried that things are falling apart as she sees his hesitation.

General Hospital spoilers detail that Patrick will have Emma call Robin, but this may not go very smoothly. Robin will be back in the picture to some extent as this week continues, but will she be able to reunite with Patrick and Emma somehow?

It is known that Jason Thompson is leaving the role of Dr. Patrick Drake very soon, and many suspect that Robin's return and Sam's never-ending quest to reunite with Jason may pave the way for Patrick to simply head out of town.

Tuesday's episode brings more with Valerie and Lulu's battle over Dante as well. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Valerie will connect with her Aunt Bobbie for some advice as she plans to connect with Dante. Lulu, on the other hand, seems to have a different plan in mind regarding Dante.

Teasers indicate that Lulu connects with someone a bit unexpected as she makes her plans. It is known that Brandon Barash is returning to the show as Johnny Zacchara, and there are hints that Lulu may use him to try to get back at Dante.

Lulu has also considered talking to Jordan about Dante and Valerie, and it sounds like that idea may still be on the table. Viewers will also see Nathan confronting Dante about his date plans, warning him that it's a bad idea. Will Lulu and Dante be able to find their way back to one another, or will they both be moving on to others?

In addition, there is some action with Hayden and Nikolas in this episode. She has learned a great deal more about her shooting, but she hasn't quite figured out that Nikolas was responsible. General Hospital spoilers detail that she will be talking with Nik in this episode about her past.

Nik will be needling Hayden that he knows what she's up to, but in truth, he doesn't yet. Things are going to get wild between these two when they finally realize all the other has been up to lately. A big confrontation between Jason and Elizabeth comes on Wednesday's show, as it seems she will finally break down and tell him the truth. Where does it all go from there? General Hospital fans can't wait to find out.

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