'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Abigail Begs Ben For Answers, Hope Pushes Malcolm And Strikes A Deal

Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that Tuesday's episode will be an intense one. Abigail is finally free from Ben, but her baby is missing and Ben is acting more unstable than ever. Hope is determined to make people pay for Bo's captivity, and there is more on that front in this December 8 show. What can viewers expect?

The last that viewers saw, Ben had been taken into custody and Abigail was begging him to reveal where the baby was. Ben was disoriented and seemingly unable to clearly detail what had happened. Viewers know that the baby is at a motel, by himself, but will Ben cooperate and let Abigail rescue him? Days of Our Lives spoilers from We Love Soaps indicate that during Tuesday's show, Abby will beg Ben to tell her where the baby is.

Has Ben really lost his grip on his sanity in full? There is some speculation at Celeb Dirty Laundry that Ben is faking this disorientation as a way to set up his defense. Regardless of his true mental state, Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that he will not be terribly forthcoming with the authorities or with Abigail in terms of baby Thomas' location. However, he does seem to reveal that the baby is at a motel.

Of course, everybody will be scrambling to find the baby, but they don't have much to go on yet. While it isn't clear via the Days of Our Lives spoilers just when Abigail and Thomas will be reunited, there have been photos floating around showing Abby at the hospital with the baby, so hopefully they won't be separated for too long. However, this experience is sure to leave Abigail stunned and struggling for some time.

Also ahead on Tuesday's show, Hope will connect with Dr. Malcolm again. She tried to give Roman her resignation from the force, but he refused. However, she is on leave now, though that doesn't mean she will stop investigating Bo's former captivity. She's held a gun to Malcolm's head without results, but Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that she is ready to take another run at him.

Hope will interrogate Malcolm again, on her own terms, and it seems that he will reveal that he is agreeable to a deal, of sorts. Days of Our Lives spoilers share that they will agree on a fee that he will get in exchange for information. Unfortunately, things will take a turn later in the week on this front that could bring more trouble for Hope.

Tuesday's episode also brings more with Eduardo. Viewers will see Eddie and Kate get a bit closer, as it seems that there is some potential for romance here. While it may take a while for that to play out between these two, Days of Our Lives spoilers share that Eddie is sticking around to shake things up on multiple levels. He'll have a surprise visitor of sorts in this episode, seemingly John.

Paul informed John about a connection between Eduardo and Winterthorne Academy, and John is asking questions. Will he have any interest in being helpful though? Days of Our Lives spoilers also note that there will be some time spent on Ciara and Chase in this show. Apparently, he will misinterpret her feelings for him. Things have already been complicated and awkward between these two at times, and that may get even more intense with this episode.

How soon will Abigail and her baby be reunited? What kind of impact does this leave on her, and will this experience pave the way for big changes for Abigail down the road? Viewers are happy to see the Necktie Killer finally caught, but Days of Our Lives spoilers have teased that there are more twists and turns still ahead.

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