Saint West: Jimmy Kimmel Pranks The Public With Fake Baby Names For Kim And Kanye's Newborn [Video]

After all the fuss and palaver over the birth of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's latest offspring, Saint West, Jimmy Kimmel had a bit of fun with the general public.

In the latest the "Celebrity Baby Edition" of Lie Witness News and what is possibly his best prank ever, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live sent a team out onto the streets of California to prank the unsuspecting public.

He wanted their reaction on the choice of several fake, totally made up names for Saint West and people fell for his story, hook, line, and sinker, along with doing a little lying of their own.

Saint West
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All along, the interviewer never once says Saint West's name and offers a variety of really ludicrous and funny names instead.

Where many fans had been hoping the baby would be called South, to match in nicely with North West, it turns out Kimmel and Co. had an even more ludicrous name suggestions for the newly arrived tot, some that even the celebrity couple couldn't have come up with.

What is even better, as each person was interviewed, they lied through their teeth, saying they had heard that particular moniker either on TV, in the streets, or in the social media. None of them had any clue that the latest Kim and Kanye baby was actually named Saint West.

The first victim was asked what she thought of Kim and Kanye naming their baby boy "Kia Sorrento West" – she thought it was "awesome, really awesome" and "classic Kanye," adding that "who else would call a baby by that name and get away with it." She said she had seen a lot about it online, lots of memes making fun of it, and things like that.

Who's lying now? Hmm, which is better? Saint West or Kia Sorrento West? This writer is kind of leaning towards the latter.

The next was a classic, as the interviewer asks a woman what she thinks about Kim and Kanye naming their new baby "Fievel Goes West" (after the 1991 animated feature, An American Tail). This lady apparently wasn't a fan anyhow.

She said, "I didn't really care and I've never been a big fan of Kim and Kanye," but she did say she had heard about the name.

"You just hear it on the news. Everyone is talking differently about it... that it's ridiculous."

She didn't even catch on when he ended by saying, "it's an American tale."

The next victim is male and is asked about his reaction to the baby's name "Keurig Kardashian West." The guy said he thinks it's pretty wild.

"You know Keurig has already become a household name for our coffee products, but now being an actual child's name.. they can do whatever they want."

The lying little victim went on to say that people are talking about it all over Facebook and Instagram and "it's trending worldwide." Boy, is his face red right now.

The next victim is also male, with a British accent this time, and is asked what he thought about Kim and Kanye naming their new baby "Fastest Gun In The West."

His response was, "Pretty hilarious.. hysterical, couldn't stop laughing."

He then said he heard about it on the way there, actually. When asked if he would like to say anything to baby "Fastest Gun In The West," the guy hilariously said, "Good luck in school, I suppose."

The interviewer then asked a young woman with a South African accent what she thought about a name that is totally impossible to type and around 50 characters long, to which she replied she was not surprised at all. She said she had heard about it "in the streets, on the social media, everywhere."

The interviewer asked her, "You wouldn't lie to me would you?" to which she untruthfully replied, "Never."

Fortunately, someone helpfully transcribed the long, unpronounceable name in a tweet:


It is pretty evident that not even the first victim is a true fan of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, otherwise wouldn't she have known the real name is Saint West?

Watch the fun in the video below.

Okay, readers, after all that fun, let's have your genuine reaction to the real name of the baby -- Saint West. Please leave a note below.

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