Jax Taylor's Girlfriend Brittany Cartwright Responds To Jax Saying He'll Have Sex With Lala Kent And Leaving With Her In Latest 'Vanderpump Rules' Episode

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are still very much together, despite what the latest Vanderpump Rules episode may suggest. As the episode aired on Monday night, Jax tweeted that he's in a happy relationship with Brittany.

Jax reminded people that what they're watching on TV happened many months ago. He asked that people be mindful with their comments since he and Brittany are still together. Brittany retweeted Jax's tweet.

It seems that Jax and Brittany, who is from Kentucky, are actually welcoming a new addition to their household. Jax tweeted that Brittany's dog from back home, Kingsley, will be joining them in Los Angeles soon.
Brittany corrected Jax on the dog's name and date of arrival.
In a previous Vanderpump Rules episode, Jax brought Brittany, whom he had just started dating, to SUR to meet Lisa Vanderpump in the hopes of getting her a job so that she could stay in Los Angeles. Yet he also seemed indecisive about Brittany.

On the latest Vanderpump Rules episode, Jax Taylor was shown flirting with SUR's newest hostess, Lala Kent, during the restaurant's annual party in celebration of West Hollywood's Pride parade. When Lala brought up Brittany Cartwright, Jax said that he's not sure what's going on with the relationship and that he actually thinks it's ending. The two agreed to meet up later for drinks. After Lala went back to her station, Jax declared to someone else that he's going to sleep with Lala.

In his interview, Jax joked that he was the one who put out the rumor that he and Brittany are no longer together. He said that he's allowed to flirt since he doesn't know where things are going with Brittany.

Lala actually left SUR that day hand-in-hand with Jax, after finding out that James Kennedy, whom she had just begun dating, had already cheated on her with another hostess, Lauren. James confessed to Lala that he had sex with Lauren and that she was the one who gave him all the marks on his arms. Lala immediately confronted Lauren, whom she thought was her friend, and told Lauren's boyfriend, a bartender at SUR, what happened. Jax comforted a shocked Lala. In her interview, Lala said that since James disrespected her, she was going to retaliate by going home with Jax.

Despite the cheating, Lala Kent and James Kennedy are still together. Earlier on Monday, James posted a photo of himself kissing Lala. The two hung out with The Real Housewives of Orange County star Lizzie Rovsek the night prior.

Lizzie and James were actually part of the judging panel for the Queen of the Universe pageant in Los Angeles.
Earlier, James tweeted that he loves Lala.
Lala, James, and Lauren all appeared together on the Vanderpump RulesAfter Show that aired Monday night. James said that he did not have sex with Lauren with the malicious intent to hurt Lala. Lauren said that she did not know that James and Lala had begun dating. Lala admitted that what James did hurt her but seemed to have moved on from it. James said that everything has been resolved and that he's good with both Lala and Lauren.

While things are good between Lala Kent and James Kennedy and Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright, the same can't be said for Jax and James, who have a bit of feud going on. In response to someone who tweeted that Jax should put James in his place, Jax replied "very soon."

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