One Direction: Harry Styles Fans Eagerly Await ‘Winter Girlfriend’ News

Stories about One Direction star Harry Styles’ new girlfriend generally seem to emerge around this time of year. Styles watchers will remember very clearly that around this time last year, Harry was widely reported to be dating Victoria’s Secret model Nadine Leopold. At the time, the Mirror reported that Harry and Nadine were getting cozy after they were spotted together a number of times in New York. As Harry’s 21st birthday approached, the Sun claimed that Harry was totally besotted with Leopold. The Sun quoted an “unnamed source” who said that Harry was “head-over-heels” in love with Leopold.

“Everyone’s teasing him, saying he’s in love, and he’s not denying it. It’s the real deal. He’s never felt this way about anyone before.”

Of course, a couple of weeks later, the news began to circulate that Nadine had dumped poor Harry. Harry’s big romance was all over by February.

In December of 2013, the Daily Mail reported that Harry was dating Kendall Jenner. They claimed that Harry and Kendall were spotted holding hands as Styles took his new girlfriend for a night out at “one of his favourite hot spots, a gay bar called Therapy in Hells Kitchen, New York.” The irony of Harry taking a female date to a gay bar is one that will not be lost on some of Styles’ fans. The Daily Mail even claimed “an insider” reported that Harry is a frequent visitor to the popular gay bar when he is in New York. Harry and Kendall split in February

In 2012, the big news was that pop’s “perfect couple” Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were dating. The Mirror reported that Harry “serenaded” Taylor during a celebrity karaoke party when the pair sang a duet of the Elton John and Kiki Dee classic “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.” Sadly for poor Harry, it was all over by February. A lot of Harry’s fans see something of a pattern emerging in Harry’s love life.

Last December, Cambio reported that Heat had asked Harry about his winter dating patterns and, of course, Styles had the perfect answer.

“I just like more Christmas gifts. I don’t purposely do it.”

Sugarscape reported that when Harry’s bandmate Liam Payne was asked about Harry’s winter dating patterns, Liam reckoned that “people read into a lot of things these days.” Funny, that.

As Christmas draws closer, One Direction fans are getting worried that Harry may not be in line for his normal dose of festive cheer if his winter girlfriend is not announced soon. Of course, if the position of winter girlfriend to Harry Styles is open, there will be no shortage of candidates. Apparently, even Anastacia is interested.

Speculation on Twitter is rife as to who Harry’s new girlfriend will be, and as usual, Styles’ fans are making light of the situation with a series of hilarious memes and Tweets.

Of course, it may be the case that no announcement about Harry’s winter girlfriend has been forthcoming because the vacancy is already filled. The Daily Mail reported recently that Harry has already been swept off his feet by Victoria’s Secret Model Georgina Fowler.

At present, the smart money says that this year’s “winter girlfriend” prize is going the way of Harry’s bandmate Niall Horan, who is reported to be dating Justin Bieber’s former squeeze Selena Gomez.

The reality is that many One Direction fans simply don’t buy the “winter girlfriend” story. They believe it is a PR stunt by One Direction’s management team either to keep Styles and his pals in the news or to cover up Styles’ alleged relationship with Louis Tomlinson.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]