‘The Holy Quran Experiment’: Prank Turns Into Social Experiment In Surprising Way [Video]

A Dutch group called Dit is Normaal recently took to the street in order to see if people could differentiate between verses that came from the Quran and the Bible.

They couldn’t.

It is a prank that, in light of rising fears against Islam in the wake of recent terrorist attacks, is surprisingly politically and socially relevant. In fact, the purpose of the video, says the two men behind it, is to highlight the hypocrisy of Christian prejudice against Islam. The two recorded their interactions with people on the street and titled it “The Holy Quran Experiment.”

Muslims, the “Holy Quran Experiment” claims, have had their religion criticized to the point that many say that it has no place in the Western world. And so, in light of that belief, it led the group to wonder if Christianity, which has a great influence in the world both socially and politically, actually has a place, as well.

“The Islam has been under huge scrutiny lately and is often criticised for being an aggressive religion… but what about Christianity? We disguised a Bible as a Quran and read some of it’s [sic] most gruesome verses to the people.”

Christianity is, after all, the worship of the Prince of Peace, and heralds itself as a peaceful religion. And Islam, of course, has gained a reputation for being a religion of violence and forced submission. And so, some of the more jarring verses from the Bible, verses that go against what is considered right and normal in Western civilization, were highlighted and read aloud to various people in the street under the guise of being from the Quran.

There was a range of verses read, from those dealing with how women should act, and what she should be allowed (or not allowed) to do, homosexuality, and even a verse that references forced cannibalism as punishment.