Sean Lowe Admits They Did 'Marriage Boot Camp' For The Money

When everyone saw that Sean and Catherine Lowe were on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, it was pretty surprising. This couple has always seemed like they had a great relationship, but now it turns out that they are on a show all about fixing your marriage problems. Sean Lowe went to his blog this week to explain exactly why they joined the show, and it turns out it was pretty much all about the money. There were a few other reasons Sean and Catherine joined the show, but money was what sold Sean Lowe on the deal.

Sean Lowe describes getting an email about the show and immediately telling them that he didn't want to do it. Sean admits it already had a good paycheck with it, and his manager told him that she should fire back with double that and see if they would take it, so Sean went for it. This reality show would only be two weeks out of Sean and Catherine's life, and they could make pretty good money. Catherine thought the money would be a blessing and it could help their marriage, so she was pretty happy with the idea. Before making up their minds, they called Trista Sutter, since she did the show with her husband, Ryan, last season. Here is what Sean had to say about talking to Trista.

"Not everything was positive. The negatives included a lack of privacy, drama in the house and confinement in a house for two weeks. They said that alone could drive you crazy. Overall, they had a positive experience and they would recommend doing it. We also asked her how she handled the criticism for taking part in a show like Marriage Boot Camp. Trista said for the most part, she and Ryan flew under the radar and hardly anyone noticed. After speaking with Trista, Catherine was felt a sense of peace about doing the show and I was actually warming up to the idea as well. Although I didn't feel a sense of peace in my heart about it all, Catherine did and after much conversation, we agreed to do the show."

Next Sean Lowe said what everyone was waiting to hear from him.

Sean revealed, "I'll admit it: I did it for the money."

Sean Lowe does have a day job. He works in real estate development in Dallas with a business partner. This money pays their bills, but the money from Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars could change their lives and help out a lot.

Sean Lowe did elaborate that there was more than one reason that he did the show. Sean explained it all.

"1. First, the money as I mentioned above was going to be a blessing to us.

2. Two, Trista told us that it the show aired without much notice, which gave me a little comfort that it would come and go relatively quietly.

3. Three, I still had confidence that no matter what type of show it was, we would be able to represent our faith in Christ. In other words, I was confident we could still shine light in a dark world."

Star Pulse shared that Sean Lowe is being called out for faking a happy marriage. During the first episode, Sean did reveal that his marriage isn't perfect. Of course, they have their problems, but it is obvious that Sean and Catherine are the happiest couple on this season of the show.

Are you surprised to hear why Sean Lowe decided to do Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars? Do you think that he should have admitted to the world his reasons? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for WE tv]