Michael Cavallari Vanishes After Apparent Crash — A Week Later, Sister Kristin Speaks Out

Michael Cavallari, the brother of a reality star and brother-in law of a Chicago Bears quarterback, has disappeared into thin air after abandoning his car on a road leading to sand dunes north of Moab, Utah.

Cavallari is brother to Kristin, of Laguna Beach and The Hills fame. He vanished without a trace the day after Thanksgiving, and few days after Kristin’s third child was born, CBS News reported.

The circumstances under which Michael, 30, disappeared are eerie, but do not suggest foul play, according to the Grand County Sheriff’s Office.

On the day he went missing, Cavallari was seen on security footage at a convenience store in Monticello, where he used a credit card, the Deseret News reported. That was the last place Michael made a purchase — the store is located 100 miles south of where Michael’s car was later found.

Police believe he may have been driving to Illinois. Cavallari lives in California. He was taking Interstate 70 in southeastern Utah when he vanished.

Later on November 27, someone called police with a report of a small car resting 100 feet from a road, which is located five miles from exit 175 on I-70, between Green River and Crescent Junction. When the sheriff’s department arrived to investigate, they found a strange scene.

According to the New York Daily News, the spot where Michael’s vehicle was found was remote and west of Arches National Park, and it was found in a ditch. The authorities found evidence to suggest Cavallari’s 2014 Honda Civic had hit a large rock on the side of the road. The vehicle was also running, the airbag was deployed, and the driver — later determined to be Michael after checking vehicle registration — had left his laptop and cell phone inside.

And they found no trace of Cavallari, said County Sheriff Steven White.

“We’re combing the area for anything we can find. We’re deeming it suspicious, but there’s nothing to indicate anything one way or another. The vehicle was just abandoned.”

“There’s really no signs of anything,” he later told TODAY. “The vehicle was just abandoned. There’s no sign of foul play that we can tell. We’re still piecing everything together.”

So far, the authorities do believe that Cavallari was driving, but they aren’t certain of his destination. Oddly, the remote stretch of rural road where Michael’s Honda was found leads to the White Wash Sand Dunes, an expanse of federal land along the Green River. And as police try to figure out what happened to Michael, temperatures in the area have dipped below freezing in the past week.

The Missing Persons of America website, cited by the Deseret News, indicated that the family had been trying to keep Michael’s disappearance quiet out of concern for his and Kristin’s public reputation, a source close to the family suggested.

Kristin Cavallari became famous after she appeared in the MTV series Laguna Beach and then The Hills. She is married to Jay Cutler, string quarterback for the Chicago Bears. The couple’s third child, a daughter named Saylor James, was born on November 23. They also have two sons, Jaxon Wyatt, 18 months, and Camden Jack, 3.

On Monday, Cavallari shared her concern for her brother on social media, People added. Her comments were accompanied by a photo of her and Michael as children.

“I appreciate all the concern, thoughts, and prayers that have been extended to me and my family. We remain hopeful and I will share any news that we receive. I have such gratitude for all those that have shared their support.”

Michael is 5-foot-11, thin, with brown hair and beard. He was last seen wearing a green sweatshirt, jeans, and black shoes.

[Photo by Grant Lamos IV/Shutterstock]