One Direction All Grown Up -- Harry Styles Admits They Hide Secrets For The Sake Of 'Young Fans'

Sandra Hajda

In a juicy admission that will get tongues wagging on both sides of the Directioner divide - both "Larry" theorists and those who retain faith in Harry Styles' heterosexuality and penchant for adventures like this - Harry Styles told a Polish reporter that One Direction play down their wild sides for the sake of their young fans.

Curly-haired 1d fashion-plate Harry goes on to address the woman's question about whether such rumors - of hotel room hookups, booze-and-drugs binges and trashed suites at Hyatt hotels the world over - bother the One Direction guys. "I don't think it bothers us... I think it bothers some people," Harry answers with characteristic carefulness. He goes on to say,

"We're honored, I would say, more than that. That anyone would look at you that way [as a chick-pulling rock god]."
"Not all of our fans are young, but we have to acknowledge that there are some that are young so I's naiive not to acknowledge the responsibility of having a lot of younger people looking at what you're doing."

"My head is saying it's a risk, my heart is saying you deserve a shot, so that's why it's been difficult," said Simon Cowell before he allowed One Direction past the judge's house stage on the X Factor, favoring the sexy five-some over the quirkier, "interesting" five-piece One Direction was competing with.

"I've gone with my're through."

It remains to be seen how One Direction will navigate this next stage of their career. Will they come back after the break? Is Harry Styles chafing from the effort of concealing his wild and freaky side from the impressionable fan base? Tell us.