Person Who Catfished Meri Brown Still Insists He Is A Man, Finishes Tell-All Book

This season of Sister Wives may be over on TLC, but that doesn’t mean that the person that catfished Meri Brown is done talking about it all. Starcasm shared that “Sam Cooper” is still blogging away and insists that he is not Jackie Overton regardless of what everyone is saying about the catfishing incident. Originally this blog was supposed to shut down when Meri Brown told the story on the tell-all, but that is not the case at all. This blog is still having new things shared to it all the time.

On the show, Meri Brown said that she had an affair that was an emotional online affair and nothing more. Meri said that she never met this person, but all along the person writing the blog has told another story. “Samuel Cooper” even revealed that he had a sexual relationship with Meri Brown, but of course she is denying that ever happened. Meri insisted that the entire relationship was online.


Now “Sam Cooper” is even sharing photos of himself talking to Meri Brown on an app on a phone. It looks like FaceTime, but is not exactly the same. If these photos are real, they show Meri speaking to him and seeing that he is actually a man, but some fans feel like this could have all been made with an app and isn’t real. He even explained that people think he is Jackie, but still says this isn’t true.

“Yes I have talked to a number of people online in regards to my blog. Some of them I know well. Some of them I don’t… All calling me Jackie. Or calling Lindsay Jackie. It’s a lie that these trolls are creating. There is not one shred of proof that I am Jackie. Or I am a girl. Or I am Lindsay. Nothing. What they have is created stories, lies, and photos they have photoshopped to make it look like I catfish people. It’s not true. If she wants to continue to listen to these people who have motivation of getting attention, media attention, maybe money from her or media, that’s okay. Because the truth is not one person, not one media source, no one has ever come forward to prove I am anyone but who I say I am.”

Meri Brown did talk about being catfished on the season finale of Sister Wives, but since then, Meri has avoided talking about it. “Sam Cooper” is still talking about it and here is part of what he had to say about his relationship with Meri.

“I posted everything to prove that we existed. That Sam and Meri were a real thing, not some internet rumor that was being turned into a mountain of lies. I posted everything because my ego and my pride were being shot down and I didn’t like that feeling. I posted everything to show the world that I did love you. I really thought that posting everything would prove that you did love me and I loved you and how could anyone ever say we weren’t in love.”

“Samuel Cooper” says that his book about Meri Brown is done now as well. He said that it is in the first draft and the e-book could even be out before Christmas. The thing is nobody knows what to believe about this, because in reality, it sounds like it is just Jackie Overton, the woman who catfished Meri Brown, still pretending to be “Samuel Cooper.”

Realty Today shared that there are rumors that Sister Wives will be back for season seven, but this one won’t focus on Meri Brown, but instead will be about Robyn Brown and her new baby. Everyone is curious what will happen next season, but so far the Brown family isn’t revealing anything.

Do you feel like “Sam Cooper” really does exist and that Meri Brown was having an affair? Was Meri really catfished and tricked into thinking Jackie was a man? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts about this Sister Wives scandal.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]