The Scary City Goes Online for Casting

The Scary City, a mystery cyber-series helmed by award-winning Japanese writer/producer Yumiko Aoyagi, former executive producer for the groundbreaking Internet production lonelygirl15, is turning to YouTube to cast the 11 leading roles in her latest enterprise, which she describes as “The Blair Witch Project meets Lost.”

Starting August 26, three videos will be posted on YouTube and The Scary City which will provide explicit instructions on how to submit taped auditions for the roles being cast.

The Scary City series, which will start with five 90-second-to-three-minute episodes a week, will eventually be turned into a major motion picture, with content delivered to mobile phones and featured in Manga graphic novels.

The Internet series will have an outrageous budget of $5.2 million, with $1.4 million for website design alone. Scary budget.

The 11 roles, in case you’re interested, being cast are as follows:

Tom, a handsome, “hot and sexy” dad in his mid-30s to mid-40s, a genius architect, the protagonist of the story.

Courtney, his beautiful, 10-year-old daughter, who must “sing like an angel.”

Naomi, a Japanese woman in her mid-20s, who speaks both Japanese and English fluently.

Victor, her husband, in his late-20s to mid-30s, a genius surgeon with a mean streak who is very jealous of his wife’s admirers.

Edan, an Israeli high school physics teacher.

Maria, his wife, who keeps her heart problem secret as she awaits a transplant.

Chris, his rebellious 16-year-old son.

Jake, a nerdy webmaster in his early 20’s.

Beatrice, a chic, stylish gorgeous French woman in her 20s, a saleswoman for a high-end fashion line who must also be bilingual.

Damian, a tall and handsome British banker who is also “two-faced,” and treacherous.

Lucas, a 70-year-old whose true intentions are unknown.