Apollo Nida Cheated On Phaedra Parks? Wild Night With Stripper Prior To Jail Time Exposed

Apollo Nida will be spending the next seven years behind bars, but apparently he had numerous wild nights before reporting to a minimum-security federal prison in Lexington, Kentucky. Now, one night in particular has been documented in a tell-all book released by Atlanta stripper, Cashaun Sidney.

Although he and his wife Phaedra Parks were facing marital problems prior to his incarceration, things may have gotten worse with the latest claims made public by the stripper. According to Radar Online, Sidney claims she enjoyed a wild night with Apollo and his brother, Michael, at Phaedra’s home prior to his incarceration.

It has been reported that Sidney has released a tell-all book titled, Sordid Panties: Celebrities, Thots, Money & Scandal, in which she described her night of debauchery in great detail. In the book, she revealed her time with Apollo Nida and his brother consisted of shopping, partying, drinking, and smoking.


Sidney, along with two other young women, enjoyed their wild night with the two men. After meeting at an Atlanta club, Sidney claims they visited Lenox Mall. Apollo reportedly asked them if they were interested in going to a club with him later that night before returning to his home. Once they accepted the invitation, their excursion began.

“He drove up with his brother, Michael, and they escorted us and two other young ladies into the club. We entered the bar and had a few drinks and Apollo asked us if we wanted to go to Lenox Mall, a popular mall in Atlanta that held some of the most high-end stores in the city.”

“We went to the mall and later as we were sitting in Bloomingdales, Apollo asked us if we wanted to accompany him to a night club where he would be heading later to meet up with a few other celebrity friends of his. We obliged. We went back to his home to get dressed… Inside the house I started rolling the blunt of pot and just kept my mouth shut as I looked around the woman’s house in awe. I couldn’t believe in were in Phaedra’s house.”

Sidney went on to describe the series of events that occurred when they arrived at Phaedra’s house. The night was reportedly filled with alcohol and marijuana while they all sat poolside. After they all finished smoking, Apollo reportedly escorted them to his youngest son’s room to prepare for their night.

“Apollo poured shots of tequila for us and we proceeded to the back of the house where we sat by the pool and smoked the pot… After smoking pot, we went back into the house to prepare for our night out… We walked up stairs and he escorted us into the baby’s room… He asked my friend if she wanted to take a shower in the baby’s bathroom and she said yes….”

Although Phaedra Parks announced last December – shortly after Sidney’s claims were made public – that she would be filing for divorce from Apollo Nida, surprisingly she still has yet to do so. Does that mean their marriage still has a chance? At this point, it’s still uncertain whether Phaedra and Apollo’s marriage will survive his prison sentence. And now, even more distance has been placed between them.

According to Radar Online, Apollo has been transferred to a federal prison facility in Fort Dix, NJ for the duration of his prison sentence following his conviction on mail, wire, and bank fraud charges. He also has yet to see his two sons since Phaedra reportedly refuses to bring her children to see their father behind bars. However, he may not have to wait eight long years to see his children.


According to Dallas News, Apollo was actually transferred to the Fort Dix, NJ facility on anticipation of early release. But, at this point, no further details have been released. Real Housewives of Atlanta fans will just have to wait and see what the future holds for Apollo Nida.

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[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Cirque du Soleil]