WWE News: Bayley Lists Her Role Models In WWE

In WWE news, Bayley did an interview where she revealed the three divas that she looked up to when she was younger, according to the Daily Record.

While it is not a necessary a requirement to be successful in professional wrestling, performers have a better chance if they were enthusiastic fans since they were kids. The passion can be easily seen in the eyes of Bayley. The NXT Divas Champion loves the business and is living the dream. It is no secret that she has been a fan of wrestling since she was a kid. Through an interview with the Daily Record, Bayley revealed that the three former WWE divas that she looked up to the most were Lita, Ivory, and Molly Holly.

Ask the internet wrestling community about Lita, Molly Holly, and Ivory, and you’re going to get a good amount of positive feedback. They are among the more beloved WWE divas. Ivory is well respected because many viewed her as being underrated and underutilized. Molly Holly was another hard worker whose character connected with fans because she was such a good person. If you browse through a hundred Top WWE Divas list, then you are going to see Lita’s name popping up pretty frequently.

Molly Holly In WWE news, Molly Holly was one of the three former divas that Bayley listed when asked who she looked up to most during a recent interview with the Daily Record. [ Photo by WWE ]Lita vs. Bayley

Since Bayley mentioned Lita during the interview with the Daily Record, WWE should consider capitalizing on it. A match between the two could be a huge draw. It could easily be the main event of an upcoming NXT: Takeover event. Working with Lita would be the biggest moment of Bayley’s career, and the rub could help elevate her even higher in terms of popularity. That combination might be enough for WWE to see a new viewers rating for their developmental brand.

The only thing that might prevent the Bayley versus Lita dream match is the fact that Lita suffered a pretty serious neck injury that caused her to retire. While she has not completely ruled out a potential return to WWE some day, she might be hesitant to put her body on the line in a full blown match. True fans of Amy Dumas would much rather she stay healthy for the rest of her life as opposed injuring her neck while putting on another match. Lita knows her body better than we do.

WWE diva Lita In WWE news, Lita could see her role with the company expanding if management decided to capitalize on the fact that Bayley revealed during an interview that the former is one of her role models. [ Photo by WWE ]Bayley’s popularity is sky high

While she has yet to be called up to the main roster, Bayley is considered a priority by WWE. Based on their marketing data, management feels that the NXT Divas Champion might some day become a major merchandise mover on the main roster. Some are even suggesting that she might even rival John Cena in that category. If you have that much potential as a marketing asset, then you are going to whet the appetite of the people making the big decisions for World Wrestling Entertainment.

It bodes well for Bayley that management is already in her corner. That means that when she does move up to the main roster, then WWE is going to give her at least one solid push. If she ends up moving merchandise as well as the front office is hoping she does, then that push could rival the one that was given to AJ Lee. That means that performers like Becky Lynch, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks are going to have to work that much harder to get their time in the spotlight.

Do you think that Bayley is going to get to the same level as Lita, Ivory, and Molly Holly?

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