WWE Rumors: Is WWE Teasing A Return By Bill Goldberg?

WWE is struggling lately, and that is no surprise with ratings having gone down considerably and the the injuries causing a lot of talents to miss time. They're trying to make up for those losses as best they can, but the big names are missing. Brock Lesnar is expected back sooner rather than later, but is WWE teasing a return by Bill Goldberg too?

There have been rumors of a Goldberg return to WWE since his last match with the company at WrestleMania XX back in 2004. Nothing has ever happened, and it's actually been said to never even have gotten that close, but one has to wonder about some of the things that WWE does or hints at from time to time.

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Image via WWE

As of Sunday evening, this is one of the scroll-through images and stories on the main page of WWE.com. There are some big storylines going on and WWE is prepping for the TLC Pay-Per-View that is happening in just a week.

Yet, they have a story about Goldberg on the front page of the site talking about who ended the 173-0 undefeated streak.

Going past the main image, there are five videos going through different matches where Goldberg was defeated. It shows matches against Scott Steiner, Bret Hart, Booker T, Kevin Nash, and then Goldberg in the Elimination Chamber match in 2003.

It's just really some odd timing on WWE's part.

Inquisitr reported that Goldberg spoke with Triple H back in June of this year about returning to WWE or maybe his induction into the Hall of Fame. Goldberg said he would love to have his kid see him wrestle one day, but nothing ever came of it.

Jim Ross believes that both Goldberg and Batista should be called up by WWE to return before WrestleMania 32. Some think this could lead to a do-over of the failed Lesnar vs. Goldberg feud from over 10 years ago, but that isn't confirmed.

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Image via WWE

At the end of October, Goldberg spoke with WrestleZone Radio and said exactly what it would take for him to not only return to WWE, but to also have a WrestleMania rematch with Lesnar.

"At the end of the day no bulls**t. Just get straight to the point. Let's talk business. At the end of the day I don't know what a realistic conversation is with these guys or anybody in the wrestling world for that matter because I haven't had one in such a long period of time. I don't know the lay of the land anymore but I know how business is done from back in the day. I know how it should be done now. There's certain constants that are always there and… I don't know man. I have no idea what that conversation would be like because I have not thought about it for one second. I don't know man."
It pretty much seems like he just wants to be spoken to with some dignity and get a deal that is full of respect. Maybe he couldn't handle the constant travel brought about by a full-time WWE schedule, but he would end up being a big draw, and a compromise could be made.

There's the possibility that Goldberg could come to an agreement on a deal that would be like that of Brock Lesnar or Bill Goldberg or Chris Jericho. It's a win-win for just about everyone.

Maybe Bill Goldberg will never end up returning to WWE and he will reach an age where he can't wrestle anymore. It's just kind of odd that WWE would pick right now to feature Goldberg on the front page of their website with TLC happening in less than a week.

[Image via WWE]