Creepy, Victorian Twin Dolls Terrorizing London Commuters, Here’s Why

On December 3, London commuters were shocked to see two twin dolls dressed in Victorian costumes, and they seemed to be straight out of a horror movie. According to social media posts, the twin dolls were seen in various hotspots, including Hamleys, Oxford Street, and the Charing Cross Tube station.

Many took pictures of the twin dolls and shared them on social media, while others just steered away from them, scared of what they might do. It turns out, the creepy dolls are not out to get Londoners, they’re just roaming the streets to promote a new ride located in the psychological theme park, Thorpe Park, which is the brainchild of magician Derren Brown.

Brown talked more about the theme park, via Irish Mirror.

“The theme of Victoriana is ever present in my work and you will see glimpses of this in my new attraction. I believe we are moving toward a future where theme park attractions not only give you a physical experience but also play with your mind and the concept of what is real.”

According to Brown, the twin Victorian dolls are just a taste of what people can expect when they visit Thorpe Park, which is scheduled to open in spring, 2016. The doll costumes, which were worn by 10-year-old sisters, were especially created by tailors to get the perfect look.

The psychological ride, as the Metro UK reports, lasts 13 minutes and is said to be designed to “manipulate the human mind.”

The opening of the new ride in Thorpe Park Resort was first announced in October, and since then, many people became curious on what the theme park has in store. People have been searching the theme park’s official website for clues, and some have even went as far as hacking official social media accounts, just to catch a glimpse of what’s to come. According to the Divisional Director of Thorpe Park, Mike Vallis, the hacking was the reason why they decided to release a clue in the form of the Victorian Twins, according to Western Daily Press.

Many are curious and eagerly awaiting more clues from Derren Brown, but most of the information is still a mystery. However, the company has shared that construction of the attraction has already started. Another information that was given says that 1,000 specialists, who are from the “Magic Making Creative Department,” are currently working on the project.

More clues can be found in the the theme park’s official website, Minds, and the preview for the new attraction states as follows.

“In a world’s first Derren Brown, the Master of Manipulation, promises to take you on a journey into distorted existence. Prepare to lose your mind with a psychological attraction like no other.

“At the heart of the island you discover a disused warehouse. It has been chosen by Derren as the perfect place to embark on a twisted journey where the boundary between fear and fun is strangely blurred.”

The Victorian dolls are only the first of many clues about the upcoming ride. It seems that Derren Brown still has some creepy promotional ideas up his sleeve that will surely spook Londoners and keep them wanting to know more about the new ride.

[Image via Minds Wanted/YouTube]