iPhone 7: Rumors About The Latest Design Emerge

In the wake of the recent iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus release just months ago, rumors of what Apple plans to do with the iPhone 7 have already begun to circulate.

For Apple lovers, it’s always exciting to see what features the company has included on each new version of the iPhone. Though we can’t expect to see the iPhone 7 released until the Fall of 2016, there are a few features that it’s rumored we can look forward to when Apple does release this newest version.

iphone 7 rumors Rumors emerge about the iPhone 7 [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]Forbes reports that one of the biggest changes to the iPhone will be the change to TouchID. Instead of the Home button acting as the fingerprint scanner, the fingerprint recognition will be featured on the display. This means that the iPhone 7 would have an edge to edge display. Forbes’ Gordon Kelly talks about how this would affect the iPhone design.

“Along with ditching the Lighting port, this would represent a massive change for Apple. In-display fingerprint recognition would allow the company to finally ditch the home button and drastically shrink the iPhone’s famously large bezels creating a more pocketable device. Certainly this would represent the best of both worlds (freeing up front space while keeping the unlock option accessible with the phone on a surface), but whether such technology is ready remains to be seen. That said, patents mean we know Apple is actively working on it.”

As Information Weekreports, with each new version, the iPhone is becoming much thinner. The iPhone 7 will continue with this trend. Apple is reportedly working on a design for the iPhone 7 that will be 6.0 mm to 6.5 mm thick.

Because the iPhone 7 will be so thin, there comes a need for a smaller headphone jack. Reports have surfaced that Apple is planning on eliminating the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack that most manufacturers make, and using the Lightning Port for audio instead.

This is bad news for the consumer, who will now have to resort to buying either an adapter for their headphones or headphones that will use the Lightning Port to connect. Apple, however, could take advantage of this new market for headphones, as those who buy the iPhone 7 will need to buy the new headphones.

Forbes’ comments on the rumors of eliminating the 3.5 mm headphone jack.

“For starters it is important to stress than until the words come directly from Apple’s mouth, there is no 100% guarantee that it will happen. Furthermore, despite the building evidence, it feels premature for me and I would have thought such a bold move wouldn’t happen until the next major redesign after the iPhone 7, which would be the iPhone 8 in 2018.”

“That said, from Apple’s perspective, the move makes a lot of sense. It can gain control over the last industry standard port on the iPhone for increased revenue and licensing potential. It can potentially create ‘smart earphones/headphones’ thanks to the direct digital connection to the phone which could tie into apps, notifications and more creating another differentiator from the competition. And last, but not least, sales of dedicated Lightning headphones would prove another powerful way to lock users into its ecosystem.”

Possibly one of the more exciting rumors of the iPhone 7 design is it’s ability to be waterproof. Reports say that the company has developed a shutter system that will protect all port openings on the smartphone. The shutters would protect the ports against liquid and dust that could damage the device.

iphone 7 Rumors emerge about the design of the iPhone7 [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]The most convenient addition that is rumored to be featured on the iPhone 7 is wireless charging. Information Week points out that this feature would be practical for how thin the device is rumored to be. Not only does it make sense with the thin design, it’s makes charging the battery much easier.

Out of these rumors featured, which would you like to see when the iPhone 7 is released?

[Image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]