Nun Won’t Apologize After Viral Photo Sparks Outrage

A nun from St. Mary’s, Pennsylvania has sparked an angry backlash after posting a Facebook photo, which is now going viral. Fox 28 News reports that Sister John Paul Bauer doesn’t plan on apologizing to anybody who is offended by the photo of a 10-point buck she posted, after killing the animal.

The viral photo showed Sister John Paul Bauer standing next to a deer, which she had just shot from a tree-stand. She bagged the largest buck that day, the opening day of deer-hunting season. She says while she was up in the tree-stand, she prayed on her rosary, watching as a handful of deer walked by her line of sight. She shot the buck, allowing the does to pass.

As a child, the Pennsylvania nun was reportedly never invited to go hunting with her father and brothers, but she did learn to shoot after joining the military. Since becoming a nun, she has gone hunting a handful of times and has even bagged herself a bear about five years ago.

When Sister John Paul posted the photo of her trophy kill, she didn’t expect the social media backlash she’d get — nor could she have anticipated that her photo would go viral on the Internet. Nonetheless, she’s not budging from her point of view on this matter. She believes she’s done nothing wrong, and any of the folks on social media who have expressed outrage just need to “get over it.” America News reports that the nun doesn’t seem to care that so many people are angry that she killed a deer, and her response conveyed that sentiment.

“In St. Marys, this is what you do. You go hunting. And everybody goes hunting. The coach, myself, the students.”

She also defends killing the deer, saying the animals would starve (overpopulation) if they aren’t hunted. On social media, people are still outraged that this “nun with a gun” killed what they see as a defenseless animal. On the other hand, there are numerous people who completely support Sister John Paul’s actions. In fact, it appears that most people on Twitter, as of Sunday, are in support of this nun’s right to hunt — while others are simply wondering why this is even an issue.

Do you support the nun’s decision to go deer hunting, or do you think it’s a barbaric act that is cruel to animals? Regardless of any opinions circulating about this viral photo, it does seem that Sister John Paul is proud of herself, and enjoys this outdoor hobby as much as she sees it as a necessity. Her actions may seem barbaric to some. To others, hunting is a way of life.

[Photo via Sister John Paul Bauer Facebook]