Chris Brown Gives Back To Domestic Abuse Victim, Responds To Fan Who Criticizes His Charitable Act

Chris Brown may be focused on giving back to the community this holiday season, but it looks like the “Loyal” singer’s latest charitable act is being met with criticism from fans.

On Saturday, Chris Brown took to Instagram to honor a former domestic violence victim, Jessica Roncalli, and explain his decision to give Roncalli and her family a new car and gifts for her three children just in time for the holiday season.

In his Instagram post, which featured a photo of Roncalli alongside her brand new vehicle that Brown gifted to her, Chris Brown explains his desire to “bless and inspire” others by giving back to those less fortunate, Vibe reports.

Chris Brown surprises former domestic abuse victim with a new car and toys for her children in honor of the holiday season. [Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]Brown began his Instagram caption by noting that he has been “very fortunate and blessed with so much in my life” before noting that he had been “selfish, arrogant, and cold hearted” in the past.

“I’m able to bless and inspire so many others and I realize that now. This woman has delt [sic] with domestic abuse through her life and her 3 wonderful children had to experience that. I see myself when I looked into their eyes,” Chris Brown explained.

“The amount of strength this woman has is remarkable. I hope I could make their Christmas a great one. I hope the kids love all the toys and things I got for them. And for moms I hope I could put a smile on this family’s face.”

Chris Brown gets attacked by fans after gifting a former domestic violence victim and her family a new car. [Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]While most fans applauded Brown for his charitable act, one fan in particular took to the comments section of Chris’ photo to bash the singer by implying that Brown is only looking for “praises” and validation.

The fan argues, via The Shade Room report, “This is nothing. It’s very manipulative if you ask me. He must be trying hard to boost them record sales or get K back…Until then no body gives a flying f*** if you bought a Honda or a few toys…I don’t find this praise worthy at all.”

Not long after the fan’s comment was posted, Chris Brown responded to the Instagram user to defend his charitable actions.

“@angelpie1213 it’s people like you that obviously are envious and miserable, I don’t need a pat on the back. Just like I don’t need your approval to buy a single mother and her three children gifts,” Brown began.

Chris Brown went eon to shame the fan by asking her what her “favorite celebrity” had done to “help the problem you create” before suggesting that if it were other celebrities like Pharrell, Beyoncé, Kanye West, or Jay Z, people would not be criticizing the charitable act.

Later, Chris Brown added another statement to his response by arguing that everyone should be aiming to do good deeds and that his decision to give back to Roncalli and her family was in no way associated with his upcoming album release.

Chris Brown defends his charitable act on Instagram. [Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]The news came just days after Chris Brown opened up about how fatherhood has changed his outlook on life in an interview with Ryan Seacrest for On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

When asked about his new role as a father, Brown credited his 1-year-old daughter, Royalty, with teaching him “patience” before admitting that fatherhood has been “humbling” and “very calming.”

Similarly, Chris Brown opened up about his desire to give $1 of every album that is sold upon Royalty‘s release on December 18 to the Children’s Miracle Network to help raise funds for pediatric care, medical research, and education.

“You have these platforms and these positions as an artist. It only matters if you help people along the way.”

What do you think of Chris Brown’s response to fans criticizing his charitable act?

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]