‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth’s Secret Is Revealed, Jason Is Shaken, And Patrick Considers His Options

What can viewers expect in the week ahead from General Hospital? Spoilers tease that there are big revelations on the way regarding Elizabeth and Jason, while Anna is determined to figure out the truth about Carlos. Where are things headed during the week of December 7?

According to She Knows Soaps, a massive confrontation between Elizabeth and Sam plays out on Monday’s show. Sam has been digging around and is determined to uncover Liz’s secret. She’s pushed both Jake and Laura for answers; now, she’s going straight to the source.

General Hospital spoiler previews show Sam confronting Liz and telling her that she knows everything. Liz may be doubtful, but she’s clearly covering up panic as Sam details that she knows Liz has known about Jason’s identity for months. Liz won’t believe that Sam has confirmation on everything, (and Sam surely doesn’t) but Sam has enough pieced together now that it is time for Elizabeth to face the truth.

Soap Central details that Sam will soon be scrambling to find Jason, as she surely wants to be the one to tell him about Elizabeth. Will she tell Jason, or will Liz get to him first? General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam and Jason’s big conversation takes place on Tuesday, while there is a confrontation between Liz and Jason coming up on Wednesday’s show. Liz is said to crumble as she is confronted with the truth.

'General Hospital' star Billy Miller [Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]Will this be the end of Elizabeth and Jason? While Jason is surely going to be severely shaken by Liz’s betrayal, there have been hints indicating that Jason won’t necessarily leave her and choose Sam, at least not right away. General Hospital spoilers share that Jason will talk with Sonny and Carly about this later in the week. These revelations lead Patrick to consider his situation, as well.

General Hospital spoilers also share that Patrick will talk with Sabrina during Wednesday’s show to try to make some decisions about his future. It is known that Jason Thompson is leaving the role of Dr. Patrick Drake very soon, and Thompson is heading over to The Young and the Restless to take over the role of Billy Abbott. Will Sam be reuniting with Jason or will she be left all alone as Patrick seemingly leaves town soon?

Viewers will also see more with Anna this week. Mac is now helping her attempts to figure out what Paul is up to and the truth about Carlos. General Hospital spoilers detail that there is more drama between Ava and Paul later in the week as he heads out on a date of some sort and it sparks jealousy on Ava’s part. There will be a fresh round of contention during the week of December 7 as Sonny sees a glimmer of hope in gaining custody of Avery, though fans know that Ava will battle whatever scheme is coming on this front.

'General Hospital' star Rebecca Budig [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]Hayden has learned key information about her shooting and General Hospital spoilers share that she will be making some interesting moves in this coming week. She is said to talk with Nikolas about her life prior to arriving in Port Charles and this could prove to be interesting.

Lulu will connect with someone interesting, seemingly Johnny, to get some help and General Hospital spoilers note that Olivia will have some intense words for Dante this week, as well. Robin comes back into the picture again, too. She’s still being controlled by someone, but fans have a hunch that she’ll somehow end up being tied to Patrick’s departure from Port Charles, if that is indeed how Thompson exits the canvas.

What will Jason do now that he knows the truth about Elizabeth? Will Sam manage to win him back after all, or will she end up all alone? What comes next for Hayden and Nikolas? It’s shaping up to be a dramatic week on General Hospital and fans can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

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