‘Fallout 4’s’ Brutal Melee Attacks Provide Impressive Finishing Moves, Combos, And Other Benefits

In the Fallout 4 game, emerging from Vault 111 is the pivotal point in your virtual life, where you determine the purpose your character wishes to live his/her life following. The option to bring your strength up high as a level one character is beneficial due to the fact this can gain you some considerable damage with going melee with a Radroach, or take out a ghoul with a baseball bat, or “swatter” as they call it in-game. There are also eye-candy finishing moves or combos when it comes to ending your enemy’s life. V.A.T.S. can at times not be necessary in the Bethesda-created game.


A recent Fallout 4 editorial in Forbes brought forth his character, whereby providing strategically adjusted stats and thus aiming the character in the direction that’s best suited for hand-to-hand or melee weapon combat. He initially puts nine points into his strength. Also, agility is set to nine. As a result, you can beef up your character’s stats where one can use the perks associated with the two and the ability to hold your own when some of your enemies get in your face, or you get in theirs.

The “Rooted” game perk is quite nice, provided it can serve a dual purpose in both dealing damage and taking damage. Also, with increased agility comes the opportunity to take advantage of the “Blitz” perk, which results in closing in on your enemies quite quickly to do your damage.

Endurance in the Fallout 4 game can also be advantageous, as one would probably think that coupled with strength, they would likely compliment each other. “Toughness” is a perk associated with endurance, what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L., and provides for longevity and the ability to survive given the environmental elements of the game.

This can set the game’s outcome of one’s talent, especially from a third person in-game perspective. The V.A.T.S system can come into play here in Fallout 4, as it can provide some impressive wrestling move theatrics when it comes to hand-to-hand combat like neck breakers, pummeling sessions, and so on.

A Fallout 4 game player can go through a melee character building process without firing off a single shot, according to Forbes, working your way from a simple tire iron to legendary items like the Rockville Slugger or Grognak’s loin cloth and axe to become a fictional comic book character.

A Fallout 4 melee weapon or hand-to-hand combat vault dweller would lend to some advantages. For one, if you’re using the game’s V.A.T.S. system, a hit is always guaranteed. Plus, if the character is nearing the end of its health, it can provide for a nice slow motion effect when watching a “WWE”-like wrestling finisher or, if using a deadly Fallout weapon, these finishers can display a combination of high and low attacks with a final decapitation move, according to Gamers Heroes.

There’s also a chance to disarm or dismember your enemy with your Fallout melee weapon, as well as allow for more caps by investing in found weapons and selling them to vendors. This allows for the continuance using your own melee weapon for the game’s long term.


Fallout 4 also lends to the possibility of not even using V.A.T.S. in your melee finishing attacks. YouTuber FalloutFreak demonstrated this, and cited that once your enemies health bar gets low enough, you can double-tap the left “alt” key. Though you probably won’t get to enjoy the slow-motion V.A.T.S game animation, this can give you bragging rights when succeeding in a melee combat move finisher. That being said, how well do you think you can going weapons free, literally, in Fallout 4?

[Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment]