Lark Voorhies Doesn't Have Lupus, Is Rocked By Instagram Scandal

Mandy Crum

Lark Voorhies appeared to open up to her fans on Instagram this week about her battle with lupus and how it has changed her appearance, leading to bullying from fans. But her rep says the Instagram account is not actually hers, and now rumors are flying about what the truth really is.

Voorhies has fought the Web's rumor mill for years now after her mother told the media she's been struggling with bipolar disorder, which Lark denies. Earlier this year she married and quickly divorced a man she reportedly met online, and he's now allegedly shopping around a sex tape of the two of them. Voorhies' rep says she's concerned that this newest incident will lead to rumors that she's faking an illness and stressed that there are several unverified accounts claiming to be hers on Instagram.

"Lark has never been diagnosed with lupus. It's upsetting her that people are coming out about it. She doesn't want to be perceived as someone faking an illness," Lark's rep told People.

Voorhies took to Twitter to clear up the confusion, but her rep says her Twitter account has been hacked several times as well and the account is not verified, so fans are unsure what to believe.

— Lark Voorhies (@TheLarkVoorhies) December 5, 2015

— Lark Voorhies (@TheLarkVoorhies) December 5, 2015


In 2012, Lark Voorhies' mother Tricia told People Magazine that her daughter was unwell due to being "traumatized," but didn't elaborate on what had happened. Soon after, Lark responded to questions about her troubling behavior -- including trailing off in the middle of an interview and attributing her odd responses to having a "strong spiritual sense" -- and said that what was happening to her was something psychiatrists couldn't treat.

"They can't explain it. They can't treat it," Voorhies said. "It's like carrying on the interview in a hurricane. Oh no. We're alive in a major time of all-in-all prophecy … you caught me in moments of pray … I have a strong spiritual sense."

Lark Voorhies' former costar Dustin Diamond told Radar Online a few years back that when the two of them did the movie Little Creeps together, Lark acted very strangely and even left the set without telling people where she was going.

"When we first saw each other, she gave me a big hug. She seemed normal: alive and great. And as the night went on, it just went wrong. The person who said 'Hi' to me when she first showed up on-set was not the same person at the end of the night. It was like talking to two different people," Diamond said.

Lark Voorhies has had a trying year for sure, and released a statement in October concerning her ex-husband -- who she now reportedly blames for her social media hacks. Although she didn't go into detail about the rumored sex tape her ex, Jimmy Green, is allegedly shopping around, she did say she wishes the best for him.

"There were irreconcilable differences that we could not overcome. I wish him the best and look forward to moving on with my life. As far as a sex tape I am not aware of nor have I consented to any sex tape or nude recordings," Lark Voorhies said.

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