Travis Scott Dodges Rihanna Dating Rumors, But Is The ‘Rodeo’ Rapper Feuding With Chris Brown?

Travis Scott may be fueling dating rumors with Rihanna after he gushed over the “B**** Better Have My Money” singer in a recent interview, but is Travis feuding with Rihanna’s ex, Chris Brown, over rumors suggesting that Brown and Rihanna are planning to reunite?

Travis Scott and Rihanna first ignited dating rumors earlier this year after Rihanna was spotted attending several of Scott’s performances in NYC and L.A., only to be photographed kissing during Rihanna’s NYFW party just days later.

While neither Travis nor Rihanna have confirmed the status of their relationship, the duo have since teamed up for Rihanna’s PUMA campaign and are planning to tour together on Rihanna’s upcoming “ANTI World Tour” in the U.S.

Despite having previously dodged questions about his rumored relationship with Rihanna, Travis Scott recently gushed over Rihanna in an interview with Complex in which he refers to Rihanna as his “muse.”

When asked about the dating rumors between himself and Rihanna, Travis Scott tells the reporter, “[don’t] do [me] like that, man” before reportedly laughing to avoid “putting a label” on his close friendship with Rihanna.

However, when asked to describe Rihanna in three words, Travis calls Rihanna “creative,” “inspiring,” and ultimately, a “muse.”

The article further explains that Scott and Rihanna first met at a fashion show for Opening Ceremony in 2014 and have since been collaborating on new music together. Travis Scott co-wrote Rihanna’s 2015 single, “B**** Better Have my Money” and is rumored to have a feature on Rihanna’s impending Anti album.

Later in the interview, Scott can be seen searching his own name on Instagram only to stumble across a photo of Rihanna’s PUMA campaign in which Travis has been cropped out and the focus of the photo remains on Rihanna.

The article explains that Scott is “not bothered by this” and rather shows his affection for Rihanna by “kissing his right index and middle finger and then touching the low-res image of Rihanna’s face, caressing the screen, and glowing with pride.”

While Travis and Rihanna continue to keep mum regarding their relationship status, new rumors have emerged suggesting that Scott is currently feuding with Rihanna’s on-again, off-again ex-boyfriend Chris Brown.

According to Hollywood Life, a source close to Chris Brown reveals that if Chris “really wanted to be with [Rihanna] today, he knows just what buttons to push” in order to rekindle their former relationship.

The source goes on to argue that “any man who really thinks he has a chance with Rihanna is out of his mind” and argues that Rihanna “will always love Chris” before suggesting that Scott was planning on confronting Chris Brown during their appearance at Power 106’s Cali Christmas concert on Friday.

An alleged source tells the site that Travis wants to “have a man-to-man convo with Breezy and straighten a few things out,” noting that Scott isn’t happy with Chris “hanging on” to Rihanna after their split in 2013.

Despite the rumors, no reports or witnesses have suggested that a confrontation occurred between Travis Scott and Chris Brown during last night’s performance.

Similarly, Chris Brown shut down reports suggesting that he gets jealous over seeing Rihanna move on romantically with other people, telling Tim Westwood that he has nothing but love and respect for Rihanna.

“She’s my homie though,” Chris Brown explains, “We knew each other since we were 14, 15 so with that kind of history, we are always going to be cool.”

“I don’t get jealous. I don’t get mad. I got nothing but love and respect for her.”

Reunion rumors between Chris Brown and Rihanna surfaced last week after Rihanna appeared on Chris Brown’s mixtape, Before the Party, for their collaboration on Brown’s track, “Counterfeit.”

Despite the reports, sources spoke out against the dating claims by noting that Rihanna and Brown’s track is not a recent collaboration and that “Counterfeit” was initially intended to appear on Brown’s 2014 X album.

What do you think of Travis Scott and Rihanna’s rumored romance?

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