‘Glow Recipe’ On ‘Shark Tank’ — Korean Beauty Experts Win $425,000 Deal

The most recent episode of Shark Tank that aired on Friday, December 4, featured several intriguing entrepreneurs. On the season 7, tenth episode of Shark Tank, products and companies like Leaux Racing Trikes, Glow Recipe, Sarah Oliver Handbags, and Trunkster were featured, according to ABC.

One standout from the Shark Tank episode featured Glow Recipe, a natural Korean beauty company. Glow Recipe was founded by two women with a passion for beauty and brains for the beauty business, as reported by Allure. Sarah Lee and Christine Chang began Glow Recipe — and they called themselves curators that knew their way around Korean beauty products. With more than 20-years experience combined in the beauty world — including previous work at L’Oreal — Lee and Chang described how they curated the best beauty products from Korea to bring them to American shores.

The best of natural Korean beauty curated by @sarah_glow & @christine_glow. 20+ years of bi-cultural beauty experience and expertise. glowrecipe.com. bit.ly/1Q1G4bY

Sarah and Christine distinguished themselves to the Shark Tank investors by describing how their Glow Recipe website is more than a third-party retailer seller stuff from abroad. Instead, they described how their Glow Recipe products are selected based on the expertise of the Korean beauty experts. The products featured on the Glow Recipe website also come with extremely detailed instructions and videos, as the entrepreneurs explained to the Shark Tank gurus.

One of the products that the Glow Recipe founders brought for the Shark Tank investors to try out in “the Tank” included the Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum currently priced at $49 on their site. It was one of those cutting-edge products that Sarah and Christine claimed would become more popular in the U.S. before long.

“A serum and moisturizer combined in a ‘pressed serum’ format that is packed with 60% Chaga Mushroom extract harvested from the tundras. Chaga Mushroom extract, cooled instead of heat-processed to preserve the original nutrition, is combined with a blend of fermented oils including olive and argan oils. This easy-to-use serum and moisturizer in one treats, nourishes and brightens skin without heaviness.”

The Shark Tank investors seemed amazed when trying out the texture of the serum, which apparently felt different than the types of similar moisturizers available in America. The Glow Recipe girls also introduced the Shark Tank folks to the trend of sheet masks, something celebrities have begun to use and take selfies while using them, reports AOL.

On Instagram, the hashtag #sheetmasks enjoys more than 4,736 posts. The label #sheetmask has even more Instagram posts, with 20,809 posts tagged with that label as of this writing. Plenty of photos show the actual products themselves, whilst others show people wearing their sheet masks, which promise to improve their skin using a variety of ingredients.

For example, the Organic Sea Kelp Facial Sheet Mask found on the Glow Recipe website is priced at $14, and promises to brighten the skin and help fight aging.

“A 100% real sea kelp facial sheet mask that is simply vitamin and mineral rich. This is a next generation sheet mask, where the actual sheet is made of skin beneficial, nutrient-dense sea kelp. Drench your face in ultra hydration and nutrition for instantly glowing, clear skin. Also helps to improve skin’s elasticity and firmness. For all skin types.”

As a result of all their hard work, the Glow Recipe founders were awarded with a $425,000 deal, after being initially misunderstood on Shark Tank and called merely distributors. That’s when the entrepreneurs made sure to spell out how their 20 years of combined expertise in the beauty world helped to make them curators — and much more than folks simply setting up an e-store to hawk beauty finds.

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