WWE News: Mick Foley Addresses Dewey Foley’s WWE Hiring, Potential Noelle Foley News

A lot of controversy was started when Mick Foley’s son, Dewey Foley, was hired by the WWE as a Writer’s Assistant in their creative team. Reason being, Foley’s association with the company is a reason to believe why he got hired in the first place. Whether that’s true or not, it sparked a debate within the WWE Universe and they’re now questioning the WWE’s ethics and if Mick will continue to be honest with his critique in the future.

Like he does often, Mick went to his Facebook page to address the recent controversy. Here are the highlights.

“Here is the truth. My son was hired two months ago by WWE creative, and will begin working with the company in January. He would have started earlier, but he and I both felt it was important for him to fulfill the commitment he made to the college that employed him as the director of a residence hall. He could have merely explained that this was his dream job, and possibly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but he chose to stay because it was the right thing – and because I told him that deep down, Mr. McMahon would respect him as a man of his word. My son was not given this job because of his last name. He earned it. He earned it by working for hundreds of hours in solitude, with no compensation, to prove his writing skills and mind for the business.”

“The hiring of my son in September by WWE has had no bearing on any of my posts about the company – be they negative or positive. I am both puzzled and insulted to think that some wrestling fans have become so jaded and cynical that they could read a few of those heartfelt Facebook posts or listen to my podcast with stone cold Steve Austin, and doubt the sincerity of my words. Not everything – in wrestling or life – is an angle, or a work.”

Mick also said that he might start writing his thoughts about the WWE through text message, rather than post them on his Facebook page. It’s all about not burning the bridge his son strived hard to achieve with the WWE. Whether anyone wants to believe that or not, Dewey was hired by the WWE by his “merit,” and not his last name.

Dewey had a blog that he recently privatized, in which he wrote down his thoughts and creative ideas. Not every WWE fan would agree with them. Some critics even blasted Dewey for his ideas, as they weren’t creative at all. That’s all subjective, but the fact remains that Dewey is now a WWE employee. Mick’s ideas are great. Hopefully he takes those and puts them in the mind of WWE Creative.

To bring it full circle, Dewey finally commented on his new employer. He wants to make sure every WWE fan knows that he was hired based on his skill and passion, not by his name.

The Foley family is trying very hard to convince the WWE Universe that nepotism is not active. While the WWE fanbase will believe whatever they want, Noelle Foley is also in talks of becoming a backstage interviewer. Will we see a post from Mick about that too?

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