‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Billy Spins Out Of Control, Sage Leans On Adam, And Marisa Makes Progress With Luca

The Young and the Restless spoilers for Friday’s episode tease that there is a lot of drama on the way. Billy has angered just about everybody and the way he handles this implosion leads to big trouble. The last that viewers saw, Sage was holding baby Sully at the christening while Marisa was trying to lure Luca into reuniting her with her daughter. Where are things headed in the December 4 episode?

As She Knows Soaps shares, Billy and Victor will argue at the christening about both Delia’s death and Adam. Once Billy leaves, he heads to the Club and gets drunk. He will bicker with Ashley and Young and Restless spoilers share that he will leave soon after with his car keys in hand.

Paul will get news of an accident involving Billy and he tells Victoria at the church. While many viewers expected this accident to be a grave incident for Billy, The Young and the Restless spoilers detail that this isn’t the case. Instead, it seems that Billy will have hit a post and he will be stopped before things go any further.

Victoria will be furious with Billy, arguing with him at the police station. They will talk about his quest for vengeance, and Young and Restless spoilers note that she will tell him to stop hiding behind Delia. She makes it seem that she may take the kids and get them all away from him for a bit, but he says he won’t let that happen.

Viewers will learn that Victor had been watching Billy at the Club, hoping to figure out who he’s been working with on the Paragon reboot. Victor will reveal to Nikki that he made sure that an employee kept an eye on Billy to ensure that nothing bad happened. The Young and the Restless spoilers detail that Ashley will talk with Abby and Stitch about Billy’s DUI arrest and his involvement in the latest Paragon attack.

In addition, viewers will see Ashley push Adam to figure out what Victor is using to manipulate him. Of course, Adam won’t reveal much, but Young and Restless spoilers share that she will try to convince him to team up with her and come clean. Ashley will later tell Abby and Stitch what she suspects about Victor and Adam, and she wants Abby to get closer to Adam to try to figure it out. This leads to a tense exchange between Ash and Stitch, which seemingly raises a bit of a red flag for Abby.

As for Sage, Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that she will be mesmerized as she holds Sully. Nick will snap her out of it and after Sage gives the baby back to Sharon, she starts crying and leaves the church. Nick will catch up with her and they will talk at the park about not holding Christian after his death. Sage will say that she needs some time alone, so Nick leaves.

Adam will see Sage alone and lends his support. He’ll invite her back to the penthouse and soon he will offer that she can stay for dinner and sleep in the guest room overnight. This will bring about a sideways glance from Chelsea, but Young and Restless spoilers indicate that she won’t say anything. After Chelsea gets the guest room ready, she’ll come back and see Sage sobbing in Adam’s arms.

There’s more on the way in Friday’s episode regarding Marisa, as well. Though Marisa was ready to sleep with Luca to gain access to her daughter, he’ll stop her before things go too far. Luca will tell her that he doesn’t want her back like this and she will tell him that she just doesn’t feel the same about him anymore.


Though Luca has been playing hardball with this situation for a while now, Young and Restless spoilers share that he will change course in Friday’s show. He will make arrangements to take her to their daughter. While Marisa seems to be on the verge of getting what she wants now — her daughter and a future with Noah — teasers have indicated that things are not going to be nearly this simple.

Just how bad will things get for Billy as he continues to be weighed down with guilt and a quest for revenge? It is known that Burgess Jenkins is leaving the role soon and General Hospital star Jason Thompson will be taking his place. Rumors have swirled that something will happen to Billy that leads to a need for plastic surgery, to explain the recast, but it’s not known quite yet whether that will actually happen. Billy is certainly in a downward spiral and more drama is on the way.

When will Sage or Sharon figure out the truth about the baby? Will Adam’s plans to build a life with Chelsea and Connor blow up due to Victor or Sage? Viewers can’t wait to see what comes next as it all plays out on The Young and the Restless.

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