Steven Anthony Lawrence: Disney Star Now Santa’s Helper At Mall

Steven Anthony Lawrence, a Disney star, is now a Santa’s helper at a mall in California. Lawrence played the character of “Beans” on Even Stevens in the late 1990s. Earlier this week, Steven stole the spotlight away from Santa himself when fans recognized him and flocked to his side for photos and autographs.

Former Disney star Steven Antony Lawrence is best known for playing Bernard “Beans” Aranguren on Even Stevens, E! News reports. Lawrence also had a short, but very highly popular, guest spot on the Showtime series, Weeds.

The child star was also hired for roles in several movies and commercials when Even Stevens went off the air in 2003. Steven Anthony Lawrence, now 25, has a gig for at least a few more weeks at the SunValley Shopping Center in Concord, California. The mall is located about 30 miles north of San Francisco.

The Disney star said that he did not expect so many people to notice him while working as Santa’s helper at the California mall. During an interview with the Huffington Post earlier this year, he said that he now looks a whole lot different than he did when playing Beans on Even Stevens.

“I don’t know how people even barely recognize me. But I’ll be walking down the street and people drive by for two seconds and automatically they’ll go, ‘Oh, my God! You’re Beans! Ahhh!’ God, even I would have to at least do a double-take,” Lawrence said.

In addition to appearing in Weeds in recent years, Lawrence also had a role in the show, Eagleheart. The former Disney star was was also cast in Cheaper by the Dozen in 2003, Kicking & Screaming in 2005, and Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat, also released in 2003. He was also featured in Everclear’s “Father of Mine” music video as a young Art Alexakis.

“Steven Anthony Lawrence is a one-of-a-kind. When I cast him in a major supporting role in Cheaper by the Dozen, I knew he’d be good, but I didn’t know just how good. A total professional with an adult-sized work ethic, Steven is a special performer,” director Shawn Levy said. “His look, his voice, his acting style—they’re all unique and entertaining in a really individual way. I’ve seen Cheaper play for audiences many times and trust me: Audiences LOVE watching Steven. He’s real, he’s hilarious, he’s just plain terrific.”

Steven Anthony Lawrence earned a 2003 Young Artists Award for Best Performance for his portrayal of Beans. He was nominated in this same category in 2002. He also won second Young Artist Award nomination in 2004 for playing Beans once again in the Even Stevens Disney Channel movie.

Steven is the only young actor to have a fan club at Yale. The young thespian was delighted to learn that students at the Ivy League school started a Steven Anthony Lawrence Fan Club for him that has 65 members.

According to his IMDB page, Steven is slated to appear Lawrence in a 2017 movie entitled Holly, Jingles and Clyde 3D.

An excerpt about the analysis of Holly, Jingles, and Clyde 3D

“Two bumbling elves, Jingles and Clyde, team up with Santa’s daughter Holly to try to help a Michigan family in danger of losing its Christmas-tree farm.”

Perhaps the Disney star is working as Santa’s helper at the mall as a bit of research for his upcoming role.

Are you a fan of Even Stevens and the Beans character played by Steven Anthony Lawrence?

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