Some Of The Best & Occasionally Controversial Christmas Commercials For 2015 [Videos]

Christmas commercials are usually aimed at tugging the heart strings, making people grab a tissue to dab that tiny tear from their eyes. Not to forget, those emotions are intended to send viewers out to the shops with a wad of notes clutched firmly in hand.

The following are some of the more unusual Christmas commercials doing the circuits on the Internet and at least one is from, well, a slightly more controversial source, as even pornography sites are getting in on the heartwarming action, as you will discover below.

The Inquisitr reported a while back that Lady Gaga is starring in a commercial for Barnes & Noble, singing a charming duet with veteran crooner Tony Bennett as she browses the products on offer.

With the sale of the paper version of books declining, the popular bookstore is trying its best to get some more business coming in. Their CEO, Leonard Riggio, had enjoyed watching Bennett and Lady Gaga performing together in a collection of classic duets called “Cheek to Cheek” back in 2014 and enjoyed the personal chemistry the duo shared.

With their ad featuring Gaga and Bennett crooning that old classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” all the while exchanging gifts, they might just get an increase in business. You can view the ad in the video below.

Every year, Spain produces a Christmas commercial for the latest edition of the holiday season lottery, the “Sorteo de Navidad.”

Sometimes the ads are just too soppy and attract mockery from the general public and often hilarious spoof versions pop up all over YouTube. Other Christmas commercials for the lottery inspire a combination of tears and joy, especially at the thought of winning all those darn millions of Euros on offer as a prize.

This year it seems they have really hit the spot with an animated Christmas advert, telling the tale of a lonely night watchman working in a mannequin factory. Justino, said night watchman, spends every night alone, never interacting with his daytime colleagues and his only company consists of the many mannequins in the factory itself.

Christmas commercials

To keep himself going, Justino interacts with the mannequins, often moving them into funny positions to amuse his daytime colleagues when they arrive at work the next morning.

He even makes the mannequins into a giant Christmas tree to wish them happy holidays when it gets closer to the Christmas season.

The tears start as the commercial shows the factory staff, who have combined their entries for a ticket and actually win the Christmas lottery. It ends with them giving the lonely night watchman a huge and heartwarming surprise.

Watch the tender scenes in the animated video included below.

Now we come to the more controversial contribution to the annual Christmas commercials. Not to be outdone in the ad stakes, the popular pornography website, Pornhub, has produced a potentially tear-jerking commercial video. Yes, really.

As the Huffington Post quite rightly says, normally porn websites inspire a “different kind of tugging,” but Pornhub’s new Christmas ad for their “premium gifting service” does sort of tug at those old heartstrings too.

The video, included below, shows a family getting together for the holidays. Most of them look happy, but sitting in the background we see a rather grumpy looking grandpa. Things change when his grandson runs over to him and gives him a gift he really wants – a subscription to Pornhub.

Huffpost quotes Cass Anderson of Brobible as saying it’s good to give porn for the holidays.

“Nobody wants a fruit cake. Cologne is a personal choice, something a man should buy for himself.”

“Those rollerblades you’re planning on buying off of eBay aren’t nearly as ironic and quirky as you think they are…”

You can watch Pornhub’s Christmas ad in the video below which ends with the slightly tongue-in-cheek message, “This Christmas give the most touching gift.”

These Christmas commercials go to show you can, with a little effort, make everybody happy this holiday season.

[Photo via YouTube]