‘RHOBH’ Yolanda Foster Speaks Out About Her Divorce And Lyme Disease

As if Real Housewives Yolanda Foster doesn’t have enough to deal with in terms of Lyme Disease, now we are hearing that she has been separated from her husband David Foster for months, and they are heading towards divorce. The state of Foster’s health definitely has played a big role in the demise of the marriage and neither Yolanda nor David have been happy in a while.

Yolanda Foster, who is back on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, according to the Inquisitr, is trying to advance the understanding of Lyme Disease with the cast of the show and the public. She was especially hurt when she heard whispers that she was faking or exaggerating her condition for attention, and then of all things, to have her appearance criticized while she was going through her own personal agony, and also dealing with her children’s exposure to Lyme Disease. Foster is now feeling strong enough to confront some of the women who have talked behind her back.


Though Foster’s divorce might not come as a total shock, their marriage seemed a bit more solid than most, but maybe that was because Foster was always traveling, according to Reality Tea.

“The shocker part, that is. I mean, the divorce of Yolanda and David Foster is not really that much of a shocker at all. For months, we’ve been reading rumors about the couple and how they were not really as happy as they pretended to be, and a few days ago, the couple officially announced that they are parting ways.”

The Fosters have put out a joint statement that says that they are grateful for many good years together, and that they will always be friends.

“We’ve grown apart but my love & respect for @officialdfoster is still the same, he’s been very good 2 me so pls don’t judge our journey!”


People Magazine says that the Fosters still have a great deal of love for each other, but they have grown apart, and things got worse as Yolanda Foster got sicker and couldn’t travel with David Foster for work.

“Things really changed in their relationship as Yolanda got sick, and then when her health worsened,” the source told PEOPLE. “David travels all the time and they simply weren’t spending any time together.”

Yolanda Foster has been incredibly forthcoming and honest about the how and why of the demise of her marriage with no regrets.

“Sadly we have decided to go our separate ways,” the couple told PEOPLE. “We’ve shared nine beautiful and joyous years together. During that time we experienced love, friendship and the inevitable challenges that come with managing a marriage, careers, blended families and health issues.”

Foster is doing her best to conduct her life with as much dignity as possible, and is continuing to work to advance understanding of Lyme Disease. Two out of Foster’s three children with Mohammed Hadid also have Lyme Disease, so Foster is not just concerned about herself.


With the start of the new season of RHOBH, Yolanda Foster will need the support of the women she at least perceives to be her friends on the cast. Fans everywhere wish Foster well on this new transition in her life.

Did the divorce announcement from Yolanda Foster surprise you?

[Photo courtesy of Bravo TV]