‘Trove’ Celebrates The Season With Snowfest Event, Winter Dragon Mount

With the Hub covered in snow and Winter Piñatas showing up in the Trove store, players know it is time for Snowfest. The winter event is now underway and this time it is accompanied by the Winter Dragon mount and ascension. The Snowfest event is scheduled to last until January 5, according to the official site. This may also be the final date to gather Winter Dragon Souls as well.

Snowfest brings Snowfest Mystery Boxes to Trove. Winter Piñatas, the Santa Barbarian costume, and the Rudolph Raptor mount are also available in the Trove store for a limited time. Snowfest Mystery Boxes will drop from nearly anything in the game and contain a variety of seasonal goodies. Common items looted from the box include Snowballs and the Snowfest Surprise recipe. Uncommon loot includes a few head skins like the reindeer head called Resolute Redsnout. Finally, the rare items from the Snowfest Mystery Box in Trove include a Snug Snowman mount and the Laden Sleigh mag rider mount.

A Winter Piñata in Trove

The Piñatas have a chance to contain exclusive items like the Chilly Pin Head skin, the Slope Slider mount, or the Winter Piñata mount. Purchasers can place the Winter Piñata in the world and let nearby players whack it for a chance at these items. Both the purchaser of the piñata and a number of player that help destroy it will receive random loot.

In addition to Snowfest, Trove players can also work on collecting the new legendary dragon Galenor, Primarch of Permafrost. The new Winter Dragon ascension is now underway and players can collect dragon souls to unlock this dragon. Completing the hourly challenges rewards Winter Dragon Caches that contain Winter Dragon Souls, Dragon Coins, and flux. Players can obtain new skins, a new aura, a powerful passive, and the various stages of the Winter Dragon mount. At 10 souls, Trove players can mount the Winter Fledging ground mount, at 50 souls the Winter Dragon flying mount is available, and at 100 Winter Dragon Souls players unlock the legendary dragon. The legendary dragon looks slightly different from the other versions of the mount. It can also fly and shoot fireballs.

The winter hub, adult Winter dragon, and the Winter ally in Trove [Image via Trion Worlds]

Ascending the Winter Dragon also rewards the Trove player with five new weapon skins, a Dragoncrown helm skin, and the Winter Dragon passive. This passive gives the player’s account an additional 10 Critical hit, an additional point to their Jump statistic, and 50 more Magic Find. Collect 75 Dragon Souls to unlock the passive and the unique Winter Dragon radiant aura as seen on the official site. Also, be sure to check out the full list of patch notes that accompanied the Snowfest and Winter Dragon update.

Trove released early this year after a substantial open beta, and the voxel adventure MMO even launched on Steam in July. Thousands of players log in everyday, just on Steam, to build new structures, defeat the Daughter of the Moon, and collect all the Mastery they can. In October, the action MMO updated with a pretty nice currency sink in the form of the Trove of Wonders alongside a player auction house. As the Inquisitr reported, the Marketplace makes it much easier for players to trade items with each other for the currency of their choice. Mastery and collection hunters will find it is much easier to raise their rank with the addition of the Marketplace.

Although free-to-play, players can support Trove by subscribing to the game. Patron status grants several bonuses to the subscriber including a boost to the account’s Magic Find, available Jumps, and multiple Chaos Factor points. Chaos Factor grants one free Chaos Chest for each point each day. Chaos Chests contain a random assortment of past, present, and future items available in Trove. The contents change each week, too. Patron status can also be purchased from the in-game store and sold on the Marketplace. This lets players gain Patron status without having to spend real money.

How many Winter Dragon Souls have you collected?

[Image via Trion Worlds]