‘Captain America’ Toys: Top 5 Figurines To Buy For Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching, many parents as well as grown up fans are scrabbling for the ultimate Marvel toys left in stores. So, with the release of Captain America: Civil War trailer reaching the dizzying heights of 61 million views in the first two days of its release, what Captain America figurine toys are the best for Marvel fans this Christmas? Let’s have a look at the top five figurine variants on the market this Christmas.

  1. Figurines are the classic way for many Marvel fans to start their collection. However, it is worth noting that if you are heading to the iconic Toys ‘R’ Us store in Times Square to pick up your last Avengers toys before it closes its doors in January, 2016, some figurines are already sold out. Parents wanting to start their child’s Marvel collection with figurines should still be able to pick up Captain America and the Hulk, however Pix11 advises that Mega Buster is already sold out.
  2. If figurines are just too one dimensional for you, why not try the Hero Tech version of Captain America? According to Amazon, the 12 inch figurine includes the following phrases: “I’m Captain America,” “Avengers, assemble!,” “Stand and fight, soldier,” “Tony, we’ve got to stop Ultron,” and “Hulk, smash!” At under $16, you might also want to include the Marvel Avengers Titan Hero Tech Interactive Hulk Buster 12 Inch Figure, as well.
  3. Funko Pop have plenty of Marvel characters to choose from, including Captain America. In fact, there are at least four different versions of Captain America to chose from at Hobby Warehouse. Toy choices include Marvel Comics Captain America, Avengers 2 Captain America, Captain America U.S. Agent and Avengers 2 Captain America Unmasked. So make sure, if you are buying for someone else, you know which Captain America Funko Pop toys they have already before finalizing your present.Captain America Funko Pop toys [Image via Funko.com]
  4. For Lego fans who also are into Captain America, mini figs are certainly the way to go for Christmas! eBay has a huge choice when it comes to Captain America toys. If you want to buy your Marvel fan more than just a mini fig, they also have a huge selection of Marvel Lego packs to go along with your Captain America mini fig toys.
  5. For the Marvel figurine collector who has absolutely every Captain America figurine known to the toy universe, why not make their own superhero figurine? According to Action Figure Insider, some Target stores now have Super Awesome Me booths that will generate a personalized version of your favorite superhero. So what does that mean exactly? Action Figure Insider explains the process below.

    “The kiosk takes your picture from one of two cameras, depending on height, and will map the image of your face onto the figure of your choosing. It will then show you a digital mock up of what you figure will look like before you complete your order. You enter in your mailing address and the figure will be created and then mailed to you, the kiosk does NOT print or produce the figure on site. The price for one custom 12″ figure is $59.99. The kiosk will print a receipt that you pay for at the front registers.”

    The Marvel choices are as follows: Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Black Widow.

Captain America personalized figurine toys [Image via Action Figure Insider]While this one isn’t a figurine or out until January 26, 2016, it is still worth a mention for die hard Marvel fans who are also gamers. According to Lazy Gamers, the Lego Marvel Avengers game will include more than 250 Marvel characters including Captain America, the Hulk, and other characters not only from the Avengers, but from the entire Marvel universe. The most recent characters announced, according to LazyGamer, include Agent Carter, Fin Fang Foom, Crimson Dynamo, Mantis, Crossbones, Skaar, and Squirrel Girl.

There are plenty of great Captain American toys out there on offer this Christmas, but News Australia is warning Marvel fans to steer clear of obvious fakes which could pose health threats to young children. Counterfeit toys are not a new threat, with plenty of discount stores selling items such as “Lebq” Captain America toys rather than the real Lego brand, and various other super hero toys with Marvel images on the packaging. While these toys may be safe, parents need to be aware that not only do these toys violate copyright laws, the toys are not rigorously tested like the legitimate toys are, and this is where the real threat lies. So, if you plan on getting your children Captain America toys this Christmas, please make sure they are the real deal in order to prevent potential health issues such as choking from products that are not legitimate Marvel items.

What Captain America toys will you be purchasing this Christmas? Let us know by commenting below!

[Image via Marvel Studios]