Leah Remini's Sister & Niece Harassed By Scientology After Release Of Her Book?

Heather Tooley

Leah Remini took a big step when she left the Church of Scientology in July 2013. She's outspoken about the life she once lived and has exposed a series of stories that even name fellow Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in her memoir. The actress published a book released in early November called Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology.

Remini made it known that the Church of Scientology doesn't take kindly to those who abandon the religious organization.

Radar Online posted an exclusive interview with Remin's older sister -- Nicole Remini-Wiskow. She talks about the weird harassment that she felt came from the church.

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"The church was calling me like crazy," Leah's sister told the celebrity news source. "When [Leah] was first declared a suppressive person they called me everyday. I would hang up and then they would call me right back."

Remini-Wiskow alleges that the church also called her then-15-year-old daughter. It went on until she threatened legal action. None of this stopped Leah Remini from releasing her tell-all book. Ironically, her sister was under attack again right when the book was coming out -- and she didn't view it as a strange coincidence.

Her social media accounts were hacked, and some other repulsive incidences followed. Since Remini-Wiskow wasn't on her social media every day, she was informed by friends and other followers that there were strange messages being posted.

"They turned my profile picture into a penis," Remini's sister said, citing the possibility that it was the Church of Scientology behind it.

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Leah's sister has moved far away from the drama she once experienced and lives in Minneapolis with her family. She said that things have calmed down quite a lot for her and her sister. She said after speaking with Leah this week, she didn't have anything to complain about.

A rep for the Church of Scientology denies any such story involving Leah Remini's sister.

"This is false. It never happened," a rep told Radar Online. "This is just another in a series of publicity stunts for Leah Remini's book."

It was just this week that Tony Dovolani of Dancing with the Stars claimed he experienced harassment from the church. According to TMZ, Dovolani alleges he was followed by the church in an effort to find any kind of "dirt" on him they could.

"I know I was followed a few times," Dovolani told TMZ. "They try to find anything they can on a person and try to use that against them... They were trying to create any type of thing that they wanted to like a rumor or whatever."

Dovolani and Remini were close during her stint on DWTS. He endorsed her book, Troublemaker, by saying, "You really want to read this book because it does open your eyes to a lot of injustice that's being done."

The Scientology rep responded, "This is nuts. It never happened. Like we have said before, this is just another publicity stunt for her book."

Is all of this a publicity stunt for Leah Remini's book, or was the Church of Scientology really harassing her sister and following Tony Dovolani?

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