Psy Releases ‘Daddy’ Music Video: Here’s What He’s Saying In English

Singer Psy made headlines again after releasing the music video for his new single, “Daddy,” online Monday.

The four-minute video focuses on three generations of Psy — his father, himself, and his son. It doesn’t take very long to realize that Psy is playing each of the roles himself in the video, which has already generated over 21 million views on YouTube since its release.

The overall theme for the song is reflected in the opening lyrics and chorus, which focus on the South Korean singer and rapper saying, “I got it from my Daddy.”

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Unlike Psy’s international hit “Gangnam Style,” this particular single is more of a crossover between the Korean and English language since there are numerous lyrics that are sung in the English language without any need for translation.

With the exception of the repetitive hook and chorus (which are already in English), according to Color Coded Lyrics, here are the rest of the song lyrics when translated:

“I feel nice, you look nice
The moment I saw you: Oh, I knew I was lucky
Don’t think twice. The game is already over
You be my curry, I be yo rice

My name is PSY. In Korean Park Jae-sang
I wanna jump in your eyes and swim
Here I go
Hold me tight, girl
I’m the partner of this beautiful girl

Hold up, wait a minute
From now between us, players
I don’t wanna waste time tonight
Turn up louder. You’re getting hot
How do you like me now? (Repeat 3 times)

I’m on fire. Take you higher
You’re a masterpiece
I’m the big buyer
Don’t be a liar. Tell me the truth
I be yo honey, never expire

During the daytime, I just sleep
At night, I’m a real man
The moment I saw you
I went crazy that I was so excited
You can see it a mile off; I’m a kid when excited
I turn without signaling at the five-way intersection

Hold up, wait a minute
From now between us, players
I don’t wanna waste time tonight
Turn up louder. You’re getting hot
How do you like me now? (Repeat 3 times)

My papa was a superman, hey
I got this body inherited, hey
The gentleman who refuses to be a gentleman
I’m the crazy bastard around here, hey

Psy, born Park Jae-Sang, released his seventh studio album, Chiljip Psy-Da, on December 1. It is the follow-up to his 2012 EP, Psy 6 (Six Rules), Part 1, which featured the catchy and addictive international hit song “Gangnam Style.”

For his seventh album, Psy took advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with chart-topping artists such as Will.i.Am and Ed Sheeran along with South Korean artists such as Zion T, XIA, and Jeon In-kwon.

During an August 2012 interview with the Wall Street Journal, Psy talked about the success of “Gangnam Style” and how its international exposure was definitely a big surprise for him as well.

“Every time I write a song, I hope people like my music. But since I’ve been always a singer for the local market, it never occurred to me that people outside the country would listen to my music. I didn’t even have overseas fans. When I wrote the song, I had only one thing in mind — to create a fun song.”

Perhaps one of the most memorable highlights of the song’s success story was the hilarious and fun dance routine that went along with it.

Even though he did not follow a particular routine in the “Daddy” music video, Psy stated during that same interview with the Wall Street Journal that his love for making funny dance moves started as a young child. The 37-year-old rapper admitted that he would create funny dance moves to attract girls’ attention — something that he could not necessarily pull off with serious dance routines.

“The choreography in the video has my whole life melted into it. Also my choreography team and I often have dance battles just for fun. That’s normally when my staff comes up with hilarious and yet great dance moves. These things don’t come out during serious meetings. We create them while having fun.”

Since there is absolutely nothing to take serious throughout the “Daddy” music video, it is evident that Psy and his team maintain that same outlook throughout their creative process.

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As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Grammy-winning crooner Michael Buble made headlines by mocking Psy’s new music video. However, that type of publicity will more than likely only drive more people to watch the video, which will bring it one step closer to possibly matching the success of “Gangnam Style” at some point in the future.

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