Lamar Odom Was Originally Supposed To Hook Up With Transgendered Individual At Love Ranch

Lamar Odom went to the Love Ranch with plans to meet a different girl then he ended up with on that terrible night. In Touch Weekly is now sharing a letter from transgender porn star Madison Montag that she wrote to the Kardashians. Montag is sharing that she was supposed to meet up with Lamar that night, and instead he ended up with two other women.

Madison thinks that if Lamar Odom had met up with her things would have gone differently for him. Lamar actually went that night to meet up with Madison, but it didn’t work out that way. Here is part of what Madison Montag shared in the letter.

“Since the night Lamar almost passed I have thought about writing to your family every day to express how sorry I am about the pain Lamar and your family have endured since the night of his overdose.”

Madison went on to explain that she has worried about Lamar Odom’s ex, Khloe, more than anything. Madison had talked to Lamar Odom on social networks and arranged for him to meet her there. They had plans to be discreet, and Madison even told him that she would keep him safe. Then Lamar Odom showed up, and there was a huge line of girls for him to choose from, and instead of choosing Madison, he picked two other girls. She explained how it went down.

“When we walked into the room, I got a very weird vibe. [Lamar] was looking down like he was ashamed. He looked very uncomfortable. I wasn’t picked. Instead, he selected blond prostitutes Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe.”

Lamar Odom ended up with two girls that allegedly supplied him with drugs. They have denied that they did, but Madison said if Lamar had met with her then she would have never given drugs to him. Madison didn’t have anything to do with Lamar Odom’s overdose, but she is apologizing now and Madison is sending her thoughts and prayers to Lamar.


TMZ shared that the two girls that Lamar Odom hooked up with, Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe, are now back at work and making the big bucks. They have both been cleared and are back at Love Ranch. They are going to be making big money now too, because their names are known all around as the girls that were with Lamar Odom on that night. At first, Dennis Hof had said that they couldn’t come back because he didn’t believe everything that they told him about that night with Lamar Odom, but now he has decided to let them come back.

Dennis Hof has also been paid for the night that Lamar Odom spent at the Love Ranch. At first, AMEX refused to release the funds, but they have now had a change of heart and Dennis and his employees have been paid. Ryder Cherry did go to Twitter and sent Lamar a tweet, wishing him the best. Over 20 clients are already calling and wanting to party with the same girls that Lamar Odom partied with on that night. It sounds like business will be good for the girls now that they are back to work.


Are you surprised to hear that Lamar Odom was originally going to hook up with a transgendered individual? Do you think that if he had been with her things would have turned out different? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss new episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Sunday nights on E!. The rumors are flying that they will be showing part of Lamar’s health battles on the show.

[Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]