Jenny Fry: 15-Year-Old Girl Found Hanging From Tree In An Apparent Suicide After Suffering From A Rare Allergic Reaction To Wi-Fi

A 15-year-old school girl Jenny Fry of Chadlington, Oxon was found hanging from a tree in an apparent suicide after suffering from an electro-hypersensitivity (EHS) that made her life miserable, reported the Daily Mail. According to Fry’s parents Debra and Charles, the teen began to show signs of the illness three years ago when she would often get tired, endure headaches, and have bladder problems.

Fry’s parents removed Wi-Fi from their home after she became ill, but her symptoms would return while attending classes at Chipping Norton School because they would often use Wi-Fi. Her mother stated, “Jenny was getting ill and so was I. I did some research and found how dangerous Wi-Fi could be so I had it taken out of the house. Both Jenny and I were fine at home but Jenny continued to be ill at school in certain areas.”

Debra elaborated on the school’s insistence that their Wi-Fi was safe.

“She was receiving lots of detentions, not for being disruptive in class or misbehaving, but often because she used to take herself out of the classroom to find another where she was able to work. She took her schoolwork seriously.”

“I took lots of information into school to show the head teacher, Simon Duffy, but he said there was equally the same information available claiming Wi-Fi was safe. I also had a heated exchange with teachers telling them Jenny was allergic to Wi-Fi and that it made no sense making her take detentions in rooms that were making her ill. The least they could do was allow her to take them in rooms where she felt able to concentrate, but they wouldn’t listen.”

In response to Debra’s concerns about the school’s internet connection, Duffy stated, “Just like many other public spaces, Chipping Norton School does have Wi-Fi installed to enable us to operate effectively. The governors are content that the installed equipment complies with the relevant regulations and will ensure this continues to be the case.”

However, the symptoms of electro-hypersensitivity may have led Fry to take her own life as her body was found hanging from a tree on June 11 at 4:20 p.m. in Brooke Woods, near her home. According to the Mirror, before committing suicide, the teen reached out to a friend via text message, divulging her plans to commit suicide, but the messages were never received as her friend didn’t bring her cellphone to school that day.

Her mother claims she “fully believe Jenny did not intend to take her own life. I think she was frustrated with school. She would not see a doctor but was seeing a counsellor at school who was helping her. She had not made any suggestions she was thinking of suicide and I believe it was a cry for help.”

Although Oxfordshire coroner Darren Salter doesn’t exactly concur with Fry’s mother, he agreed that there isn’t any proof that the teen intended to take her own life. He said, “It can’t be demonstrated to the required standard of proof that it is certain she intended to take her own life.” And since Fry never visited a physician nor did she receive any diagnosis, the coroner also couldn’t say that it was her allergic reaction to Wi-Fi that caused the teen to commit suicide.

Jenny Fry’s suicide recently came to light after her parents started a campaign that brings awareness of the dangers of Wi-Fi. Their intentions are to remove internet connections from nurseries as well as public and private schools, but Debra claimed that she is “not against a bit of technology.” She said that she “feel schools should be aware that some children are going to be sensitive to it and reduce its use. I think some technology is very useful. I am glad I had a mobile phone with me when I found Jenny so I was able to ring for help.”

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