‘Scream Queens’ Star Emma Roberts’ Best Burns As Chanel Oberlin

Apart from its intriguing mystery elements, Scream Queens has a lot going for it when it comes to dialogue. In fact, according to Pop Sugar, while most fans are still trying to figure out who the real killers are on FOX’s newest horror comedy, the funny banter between characters almost gets lost in the shuffle. While the script may breach some limits here and there, it is in these hilarious moments where some characters, like Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts), really shine.

With that in mind, here a few of Chanel’s classic quotes as the first season of the hit show starts to wind down.

Although they may be a bit blunt, Chanel’s greetings of “Good morning, sluts” and “Good evening, idiots” are certainly memorable ones.

That being said, her burns are probably what she will be remembered most by. After all, who can forget when she told the barista at Starbucks to “learn to make a pumpkin spice latte, you psychopath” and followed it with, “Thank you, coffee donkey.”

Emma Roberts as Chanel Oberlin. [Image via Fox]

While Chanel may be great at her insults and pop culture references — her line “Okay, Pissy Spacek” is one that comes to mind — she’s not so up to date on her knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases.

“Idiot, you don’t get STDs from blood oaths. You get STDs from dirty toilet seats and drinking the water in Mexico,” she once told her fellow pledges.

Even still, perhaps Chanel’s greatest quality is how well she manipulates pretty much everyone around her on Scream Queens.

“I always know what people are thinking and feeling. It’s impossible to have all that information and to not manipulate them,” she admitted.

Despite all of her insults and prejudices, Chanel has had her moments of compassion, at least as far as someone like Chanel is concerned.

“If any or you b***hes die while protecting a sister, you’re allowed to skip the rest of hell week,” she stated.

Meanwhile, aside from these classic quotes from Chanel, the show only has a few more episodes to go before it wraps its first season. Despite the end looming, we are still far from knowing the true identity of all of the Red Devil Killers. Will the coming episodes finally provide a hint at what everyone has been speculating about?

According to Red Eye Chicago, the latest episode, titled “Black Friday,” may provide a few indications about the true identity of the Red Devil Killer. Although Pete admitted in the episode that he is a murderer, that doesn’t mean he is the real killer. In fact, the true killer’s identity may involve a partnership between Chanel and Pete.

Many fans think they have figured out the identity of the remaining Red Devil Killer. [Image via Fox]

If there is anything that the previous installment proved, it was that everyone is a suspect. In fact, with there now being some five possible murderers on the loose, it really isn’t clear which character is the true Red Devil. This means that there really is not anyone who can be ruled out, including Chanel. What connection does Chanel have that would set her up as the killer?

For starters, it is possible that Chanel is the other twin from the bathtub. Following the bathtub ordeal, she was adopted into an upper-class family but remained connected to Boone and Gigi. However, after partnering with Pete, Chanel would have little reason to keep Boone and Gigi on board and, therefore, killed them off.

This theory would make sense considering how much control Chanel has over the sorority. After all, Chanel did push hard for the girls to try and kill Dean Munsch, and she somehow survived an attack from the Red Devil Killer.

That being said, it is really anyone’s guess who the real killer will turn out to be. Hopefully, it won’t be long until the truth is revealed.

The first season of Scream Queens continues Tuesday nights on FOX.

[Image via Fox]