Shoes Of The Future: ShiftWear Sneakers Allow You To Change Their Design With An App, Can Even Add Gifs

ShiftWear, a start up shoe manufacturer, has developed a new sneaker that is programmable to match any outfit or mood.

ShiftWear developers have created a new sneaker, named ShiftWear Classic, that comes complete with a screen built into the side of the shoe, allowing the wearer to control the look of the shoe with an app on their smart phone. The feature allows ShiftWear to sell limited styles of their product, while still offering a plethora of designs and colors to their customers. The idea helps to keep inventory under control and prevents ShiftWear from creating designs that sit on shelves due to lack of sales.

Not only can the wearer change the color and design of the new ShiftWear Classics, but according to Metro, the user can also display animated gifs on the side of his or her shoe — a meme lover’s dream.

Currently, ShiftWear is selling the sneakers through an Indiegogo campaign, which has exceeded its goal by 449 percent with 20 days still remaining. The retail value of the ShiftWear Classics is around $200, but early adopters can save $50 by pre ordering. However, if you want high tops, or a height in between, you can expect to pay $100 to $200 more.

Shiftwear Programmable Shoes [Image via ShiftWear]The Verge reported on the ShiftWear sneakers, revealing that the screens that adorn the shoes are made with a flexible e-paper, similar to a kindle. The shoe designs can be altered via a smartphone app, allowing the design to change with the wearer’s mood, style, or just to make someone stare their way. A bonus of owning the shoes is that the wearer can create his or her own designs and gifs to display on the shoes.

The idea, although innovative and awe-inspiring, is still in development, though. The funds gained via the Indiegogo campaign will be spent to finish the prototype and put the shoes into production. ShiftWear admits that there are challenges in the shoe design phase, but hopes to have them cleared up soon.

“The existing technologies suffer from certain issues and we are working to solve them.”

The ShiftWear shoes are waterproof, so there is no worry of damaging the sneakers by jumping in a rain puddle. The e-paper ensures that the shoes remain flexible and comfortable when worn.

A concern of some potential investors is the battery life of the shoes and if the design will simply fade away after hours of use. However, ShiftWear has tackled that issue and created a system that allows the batteries to recharge with each step. Therefore, there is no need to charge the shoes or worry about battery drain.

ShiftWear has created a number of stretch goals if their initial $25,000 asking goal is surpassed. At $250,000, they will go into mass production. If they reach a million in donations, they will replace the screen with one that is HD color. $3 million in donations will introduce a touch sensitive screen to the shoes, the inclusion of music, and more.

The basic shape and design of the ShiftWear Classic is not much different than your basic sneaker. However, the inclusion of customizable colors and patterns, as well as the inclusion of gifs, has created a buzz and demand for the ShiftWear shoes.

ShiftWear hopes to go into production with the final design at some point in the fall of 2016. They are confident that any bugs will be worked out by then and customers will be happy with the final product.

What are your thoughts in the ShiftWear classics, are they worth the money that they are asking? What sort of designs would you display on them?

[Image via ShiftWear]