Heather Dubrow Questioning Her Own Marriage After Yolanda Foster Divorce

Heather Dubrow questioning marriage

Heather Dubrow knows that there is a curse over Real Housewives couples. Many couples have split after being on reality television, and marriages have been plagued with rumors of divorces, cheating, and physical violence. Dubrow knows that it takes a strong marriage to get through several seasons of the show. And Heather is thankful that she has a strong marriage and that they can handle being in the spotlight.

Heather Dubrow was shocked when she learned Yolanda Foster announced that she was divorcing David Foster. Yolanda and David appeared to be one of the stronger couples, and some may have speculated that other couples in the Real Housewives family would split prior to Yolanda and David. The split came as such a shock that Heather is now looking at her own marriage.

According to a new Bravo report, Heather Dubrow is now revealing that she is incredibly sad every time someone gets a divorce. And while she does feel confident in her marriage to Terry Dubrow, she doesn’t take that relationship for granted.

“It’s sad. When I hear people are splitting up [it] makes you feel like, is anyone gonna make it? It makes you look at your relationship: Are we stable and good? I am heartbroken,” Heather Dubrow told Bravo’s Daily Dish, adding, “We met them before the show. Yolanda is an amazing mother [and they are a] nice couple. Marriage is hard in general — especially in the spotlight. They both have huge careers.”

But it wasn’t just Heather who had some thoughts about Yolanda’s divorce. Terry also had some thoughts about the split. And Terry believes that previous patterns have something to do with it. Despite David gushing about Yolanda on a previous episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Terry thinks that his previous marriages may show a pattern. David had been married three times prior to Yolanda, and Foster herself was married once before to Mohamed Hadid.

“This may be controversial — maybe I shouldn’t say it. I think people who have a history of being married and divorced, get married and divorced,” Terry Dubrow revealed of reality marriages, adding, “If you’ve been married and divorced, two, three times, is it surprising? We are zebras; we have stripes. I think people are people [who] have patterns. If you get married and divorced, that’s what you do.”

Of course, Heather Dubrow doesn’t hang out with Yolanda Foster personally, so she doesn’t know what went wrong in their marriage. As it turns out, Heather is just speculating as to what went wrong. Instead, she has been focusing on building her massive home. They have been working on the home for two years, and Heather is ready to move on. Right now, the family is planning on moving in on March 1, 2016.

“I was just at the house yesterday for hours and hours and hours because they were telling me it wasn’t going to be done until the end of March, and I said that was not acceptable. And so we are trying to move in March 1,” Dubrow revealed on her podcast show, according to Reality Tea.

Plus, Heather is recovering from the entire cancer scandal on The Real Housewives of Orange County. While Dubrow is ready to film another season, she has revealed that she wants an apology from Vicki Gunvalson.

What do you think of Heather Dubrow and Terry’s theories as to why Yolanda Foster is divorcing David? Do you think Terry has a point that his previous marriages could show a pattern? And are you surprised that Heather is questioning her own marriage when someone divorces?

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