‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna Digs, Sabrina Covers, And Valerie Makes A Move

'General Hospital' star Finola Hughes

Viewers have seen a lot of drama play out this week on General Hospital, and spoilers share that there is plenty more on the way. Sam is very close to finding out that Nikolas and Elizabeth knew the truth about Jason’s identity, and this may well shake things up in a big way. However, teasers for the December 3 show indicate that the focus for this one may be on some of the other storylines currently playing out around Port Charles.

Sabrina has been scrambling to keep both Carlos and Michael from finding out that Carlos is the father of her baby. She was close to telling Michael the truth, but she backed off before coming clean. General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that she makes a tough choice on Thursday’s show.

'General Hospital' star Teresa Castillo

Tracy is working on the Holiday Ball, and she will connect with Monica regarding the planning. This may lead to some tense and comic moments, as it sounds as if the two ladies may have very different ideas regarding the event. General Hospital spoilers note that Tracy will have a plan for Paul related to the event, as well, and she will solicit a donation from Ava. Viewers will get a bit more of Paul and Ava together in Thursday’s episode, as well.

Celeb Dirty Laundry details that Anna will be throwing herself even deeper into trying to figure out the truth about the Carlos situation. Anna will run into Dr. Maddox on the docks and the two have what will seemingly be a rather intense conversation. She doesn’t think she needs his help any longer, but he apparently disagrees and will be quite insistent about it. Later, Anna will lean on Mac for some guidance and support.

Teasers indicate that there may be a connection of some sort between Andre and Jordan, and there is some buzz that Shawn may end up back in the picture in Port Charles soon as well. Hayden is on the verge of piecing together the truth about her shooting. When she does, that may well pave the way for Shawn to be freed and return to town.

'General Hospital' star Brytni Sarpy

Viewers will also see Maxie and Lulu connect at Kelly’s to discuss all that’s happened with both Dante and Dillon. General Hospital spoilers tease that Lulu will come up with some sort of plan that entails heading to the police station, but Maxie stops her before things go too far.

While Thursday’s episode may be free of Jason drama, Friday’s episode is said to have plenty on that front. Elizabeth is scrambling more than ever, but Sam is on the brink of figuring it all out and it sounds as if an intense confrontation between the two is on the way. Is the truth finally about to come out? Will it change anything for Jason or Patrick? Viewers cannot wait to see how this all plays out as the chaos continues on General Hospital.

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