‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’: Top 10 Things To Notice In New Trailer

Late on Wednesday evening, the new trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was released, and the collective comic book movie fan universe lost their minds. There was a lot to take in during the over two-and-a-half minute trailer from next year’s big comic book spectacular. With that, let’s check out the top 10 things you should have noticed while watching it.

Some things in this list are blatantly obvious and easily noticeable while watching the trailer, but some are a bit more subtle. Other things may not have been as wide out in the open for you, so let’s check them out.

1. Doomsday – In case you somehow missed him, the creature that at one time “killed” Superman in the comic book world, is going to be villain with the strength in the movie. Lex Luthor will obviously have the brains and probably is the one that brings Doomsday to life or to Earth or however they get him involved.

batman v superman doomsday
Image via Warner Bros.

2. First look at The Trinity – It’s what so many have been waiting for, and it was kind of shocking that it wasn’t saved for the movie’s release in theaters. Still, it’s an incredibly awesome shot.

3. Bruce Wayne knows a lot more than he is letting on – The early conversation between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent says a lot. Wayne hints at a lot of things and doesn’t really feel as if the glasses are a good enough disguise to hide an “alien” from Krypton.

4. Wonder Woman gets involved – Everyone has been wondering about her and how she would actually get involved. Cinema Blend pointed out that it’s not exactly known why Diana is in Metropolis in the first place, and she doesn’t say a word, but she certainly makes herself known.

5. The showdown described – Listen to when Lex Luthor is giving his description of how things are between the two heroes and hear an excellent tagline for a fight: “Son of Krypton vs. Bat of Gotham.”

6. Superman goes dark – While there may be a humorous line here and there, this is a dark trailer for a dark movie. You can see the hatred and anger in Superman’s eyes, along with the heat vision, that is right along the lines of so much that Frank Miller has done.

One would hope that this could be a way to find a Bizarro inclusion at some point down the line, but for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, it really works.

batman v superman dark
Image via Warner Bros.

7. Lex Luthor is kind of goofy – Everyone knew that Jesse Eisenberg’s version of Luthor would be different than what was known or has been seen before. In the first extended look at him, he comes off as rather silly and strange. It does seem that he takes on a much darker persona as the film goes on though.

8. Affleck’s Batman actually has emotion – In just a few minutes from a couple trailers, Ben Affleck’s Batman has shown more emotion than Christian Bale’s version did in three films. As you can see in the image below, that’s the fear shown in Batman’s eyes when Doomsday is about to obliterate him, as Screen Rant reports.

batman v superman dawn of justice trailer batman
Image via Warner Bros.

9. The Joker is referenced – Again, during that Kent/Wayne conversation, the Joker is referenced in a subtle way. Wayne looks Kent in the eyes and simply says, “I have a bad history with freaks dressed as clowns.”

10. It’s not all dark – When the time comes for it to be all serious, it’s shown that there will be a slight touch of lighthearted humor. The line exchange between Superman and Batman about who Wonder Woman was with, it brought some smiles to many faces.

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice stars Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jason Mamoa, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Ezra Miller, Michael Shannon, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, and many more. It is set to hit theaters on March 25, 2016, and there is going to be so much more to come than what was learned in this trailer alone.

[Image via YouTube/Warner Bros.]