‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Ivy Struggles After Steffy Confrontation While Wyatt And Thomas Butt Heads

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday’s episode share that there are big moments ahead between Steffy and Ivy. Viewers have seen that Steffy knows that something happened between Thomas and Ivy, and she is pressuring Ivy to come clean with Wyatt. Where are things headed in this December 2 show?

We Love Soaps shares that the confrontation is not over between Steffy and Ivy. The last that viewers saw, Steffy laid out what she knew, and Ivy was definitely a bit shaken by it all. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that the conversation continues in this next episode, and Ivy will be battling to convince Steffy that she’s still loyal to Wyatt over Thomas.

However, Steffy isn’t going to back down. Teasers share that Steffy will stick by her threat that if Ivy doesn’t tell Wyatt the truth about what happened with Thomas, she will. Based on The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers for the rest of the week, Wyatt will be learning that something happened between Ivy and Thomas.

While Steffy and Ivy work through their tense confrontation, Wyatt is continuing to fight for his relationship. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that the two men will have another encounter during Wednesday’s episode where once again, Wyatt says that Ivy is unavailable.

Steffy has been open with Liam about what she’s learned about this situation, but he has urged her to stay out of it. Steffy has told him that she doesn’t think she can, but there is another conversation following these same lines in Wednesday’s show.


The Bold and the Beautiful spoiler preview shows Liam telling Steffy that she has to let it go. Wyatt may be his brother, but he is insistent that Ivy and Wyatt need to sort through this on their own, without any outside interference.

The teaser promo also shows Ivy feeling anxious about what will happen once Wyatt learns about what happened with Thomas. She notes that she will have to hope that he forgives her. So far it is not known just who she is talking with during this conversation, or if she is perhaps just talking to herself.


Though Ivy does seem to be preparing to come clean with Wyatt, Bold and Beautiful spoilers have indicated that Steffy may not wait to see how Ivy handles the discussion. It would seem that she is preparing to spill the beans, though viewers will have to wait and see just who finally reveals the truth. Will Ivy be the one to tell Wyatt about what happened with Thomas, or will Steffy beat her to it?

As the week continues, Wyatt will learn at least some part of what happened between Ivy and Thomas. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers note that Thursday’s episode brings the devastating reveal, and it sounds as if Wyatt will be quite crushed to learn about Ivy and Thomas. While Ivy is drawn to Thomas, it seems she will be begging Wyatt to forgive her and give her another chance.

Will Ivy reveal the full truth to Wyatt about what happened, or will she dance around the details? Will Wyatt give her a chance to earn his trust back, or will this be the end of their relationship? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers have teased that there is a dangerous situation set to begin on Friday’s show that could impact many on the canvas and viewers are curious to see just what comes next.

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