Vicki Gunvalson Working On Donn: ‘She Wants This To Be A Really Special Time’

Vicki Gunvalson announced last week that she had no interest in working things out with Brooks Ayers. Brooks had packed up and moved to Florida before the Real Housewives of Orange County season had come to an end. Ayers didn’t want to deal with the cancer drama, and he was furious that the ladies from Orange County kept questioning his illness. As it turns out, Gunvalson was ready to move on herself.

Last week, Vicki Gunvalson announced that she would be traveling to Florida for Thanksgiving. While Brooks is now living in Florida, her ex-husband is also located there. Vicki revealed that they would be spending the holidays together. It is possible that her son Michael and daughter Briana would join her on the trip so Donn could see Briana’s two sons, Troy and Owen.

According to a new Radar Online report, Vicki Gunvalson may have had a blast in Florida because close friends of hers are now revealing that she could try and work things out with Donn. It is no secret that their marriage failed due to the lack of communication, but Vicki may be ready to work on her failed marriage.

“They’re planning on getting together soon and we’ll see how it goes,” a close friend of Vicki’s revealed to Radar Online, adding, “She hopes it’s going to be for good, but she don’t know if Donn wants to get back together permanently because he’s still really hurt from the divorce.”

It is no secret that Donn was very hurt by the divorce. He learned of the divorce when Vicki Gunvalson served him with papers. They didn’t talk about it, and he was shocked. Donn did an interview for the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, and he was very surprised. He had tears in his eyes when he talked about losing Vicki. He was clearly hurt and may not trust her, so Gunvalson may need to work hard to let him know she’s there.

“She wants this to be a really special time,” said the pal, adding, “Her life is good and she wants to be surrounded with good people — and one of those people is Donn. She wants him to know that he means a lot to her and she will drop everything for him if he will have her back.”

Donn may be angry in regards to Brooks Ayers, as the two broke up because Vicki Gunvalson was flirting with Brooks. Of course, Vicki just wanted out of her marriage, but she may have acted too fast. She now has regrets about divorcing Donn. While she’s never been good at being single, Gunvalson is now realizing how good her marriage was to Donn.

“Vicki says she doesn’t do “single” well and she’s lonely,” reveals the friend, adding, “She regrets taking Donn to task several seasons ago, and basically blaming him for her ‘love tank’ being on empty. Donn may like to have a good time, but he’s honest and true blue. Brooks is another story.”

She even opened up about her regrets on Watch What Happens Live last week, which was where she announced that she and Donn would be seeing one another for Thanksgiving.

“If I had it all to do over I wouldn’t have divorced Donn,” Gunvalson recently confessed to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live, according to Radar Online, adding, “He was a great man, a good husband.”

And while Vicki Gunvalson may be working things out with her ex-husband, it sounds like her co-stars are not as eager to forgive and forget. According to OK! Magazine, all of the Real Housewives of Orange County ladies are on a media ban and can’t discuss Brook Ayers’ cancer lies. Bravo is gearing up for another season, and they don’t want Twitter to become the main source for storylines.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson working to get Donn back in her life?

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