Corey Simms Takes Baby Home: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Leah Messer Gets Girls?

Teen Mom star Corey Simms likely feels that he has just about everything these days. He recently won a court case against ex-wife Leah Messer to get full custody of his twin girls. Now he gets them throughout the week to make sure they get to school on time. Leah is currently responsible for them on the weekend, which means she got to see them on Thanksgiving weekend. Messer still has custody of her third daughter, Adalynn.

Corey Simms recently became a father again, as his wife gave birth several weeks too early. Miranda Patterson wasn’t due until after Christmas, but she was rushed to the hospital and gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Remington. This past weekend, Simms and his wife were able to bring the little baby home, so the twins went to visit their mother.

According to a new Radar Online report, Corey Simms let Leah see her girls on Thanksgiving weekend. Corey’s father posted pictures of the twins on Thursday to show that they were spending some time with the Simms for Thanksgiving, but it sounds like the girls packed up their things and went home to Messer for the weekend. And the Teen Mom star made sure that they had a memorable weekend.

“She was so thrilled to have them home,” an insider revealed about the reunion, adding, “Leah and the girls visited a Christmas tree farm, and even went to the movies.”

Teen Mom star Leah Messer still has full custody of her third daughter, Adalynn. Her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert has no interest in pursuing custody of his daughter, as he does believe that she can handle one thing. There have been rumors that he wanted to get full custody and remove the child completely, but he does work a lot and may find it useful that Leah watches out for Adalynn during the day. There’s presently no word on their custody agreement.

Leah was shocked when Corey Simms decided to take her to court to get custody of their girls. Leah thought she was doing a good job taking care of the girls, but Corey wanted to see them in school every day, and Leah had a reputation of dropping them off late — or not at all. She was shocked to see school records that listed the girls as absent. She challenged the school in regards to the records, and mistakes were made. But the damage is done; the Teen Mom star has lost custody, and Corey Simms now has the girls full time.

But that doesn’t mean she will give up. It is no secret that Corey and his ex-wife don’t get along. And it doesn’t help that Miranda isn’t the best mediator. Miranda and Messer don’t like one another, and Simms is stuck right in the middle. Because of his drama, the Teen Mom star believes that Corey Simms lied and cheated to obtain false school records that helped him win in court. And she isn’t about to let him walk away with that victory.

“Leah will do anything to get the twins back,” an insider says, adding, “She won’t give up.”

It will be interesting to see who will get the most time with the girls for Christmas. No word on whether Corey Simms and Messer have worked out a custody agreement for major holidays. While Corey got Thanksgiving Thursday, his ex-wife got the weekend. This could work out well for them, but Christmas falls during the week. If they stick with their current agreement, she wouldn’t see her girls at all during Christmas.

What do you think of Corey Simms now bringing home his third daughter? Do you think he will let his girls see their mother on Christmas?

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