WWE News: Dewey Foley, Mick Foley’s Son, Hired As WWE Creative Team Writer

The world of professional wrestling is getting turned upside down. Whether it’s a storyline that makes no sense, Roman Reigns defeating the entire League of Nation on WWE Smackdown, or Mick Foley ranting about how the WWE’s product is bad, this time last year, it wasn’t like this. Before the news gets reported, Foley’s famous rants on the product have circulated around the WWE Universe. Here’s his latest diatribe on how WWE Raw did this past Monday.

“STICKING AROUND…at least for now

Yes, I was seriously contemplating taking WWE off of my viewing schedule.

At the end of last week’s post, I mentioned that I needed the company give me a reason to keep watching. Last night, they DID give me a few reasons. Here they are:

1) By allowing her to enter to her own music, and wear her #LegitBoss shirt, I received my first indication that the company may allow Sasha Banks to spread her wings, and fly.

2) I REALLY liked Charlotte’s subtle heel mannerisms, and slightly condescending tone toward Becky Lynch. Becky is an amazing talent, just looking for some character direction – and I think she may have found some of that last night.”

Foley went on to talk about the new faction that began that evening, the League of Nations. Monday’s WWE Raw didn’t change that much from prior weeks, where they broke records for the lowest ratings. Charlotte sort of turned heel against Becky Lynch. The Authority didn’t appear in the ring. They only showed up in a backstage segment.

Becky Lynch WWE
Becky Lynch during her entrance on WWE Raw. (Image via Twitter)

The New Day appeared a lot more than usual. Each hour garnered over three million viewers, which was up from last week. Was it purely because of the New Day? Monday Night Football had the Ravens and Browns. There wasn’t much competition. Going back to Foley, there may be another reason why he was positive about the show.

According to an exclusive report by SEScoops.com, Mick Foley’s son, Dewey, is now a creative writer for the WWE.

“Dewey runs a blog for WWE creative writing samples (CreativeWWE.wordpress.com) containing a lot of viable storyline ideas. That said, Mick Foley’s public damnation of WWE creative suddenly takes on an entirely different slant.

Foley’s daughter Noelle could also be working for WWE in the not so distant future, as there is talk of her becoming a backstage announcer.”

If Mick’s kids are about to become employed by the company, why would he continue to bash the product and threaten not to watch anymore? Wait until next week and see what Mick says about WWE Raw. If he is even more positive than this week, then perhaps he was told to stop trashing the product. The last two weeks, Mick wasn’t a happy camper with the company that solidified his legacy as one of the best of all time.

Where does Mick go from here? Not only that, but why did the WWE hire Foley’s son? All of these questions will eventually need answering. If he has the mind that his dad does, then the WWE is hitting a gold mine with Dewey. His ideas at the blog he owns are pretty good. They’re better than what the WWE is coming up with.

Here’s the bad part about all of this: Dewey is another cook in the kitchen. There isn’t a confirmed total of how many WWE Creative members are actively writing WWE Raw, but it sometimes doesn’t matter. Vince McMahon always has the last say. Will this help? There’s also a possibility that Mick tells Dewey his creative ideas, and they make booking meetings. Everything is possible right now.

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